Why do Hotel Workers Sustain More Injuries?

According to a report by Hotel Workers Rising (HWR), “hotel workers are 48 percent more likely to be injured on the job than the typical worker in the service sector.”

Additionally, hotel workers face higher rates of serious injuries than any other service sector employees do.

A study conducted by the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) concluded two things about why this happens and what should be done to fix the problem:

  • Housekeepers have to clean bathrooms and lift beds at a fast speed, which puts them at a higher risk for serious injury.
  • To reduce injury, the hotel industry needs to slow the pace of work and decrease the amount of work.

The UCSF study found that 75 percent of housekeepers experienced work-related pain. The pain was so great for the hotel workers that 73 percent visited a doctor, while over half had to take time off work.

Many hotels keep the housekeepers understaffed, which puts additional pressures on the existing staff to work even faster and harder. This has forced the housekeepers to skip meals and breaks, when studies have shown that rest periods have proven essential in reducing injuries.

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