Hospital Scandal to Negate Insurance For More Money is Exposed

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vermont personal injuryCar accident? One collision is bad enough, but beware of another kind of potential collision regarding medical bills and medical liens that can happen between you and your hospital after the wreck.  Michael Warner is someone that experienced this after he was sent to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. He promptly received adequate medical care, but when it was time to pay up, his scandalous hospital wasn’t interested in working things out with his insurance company.  They wanted the full amount, and they wanted him to pay it from his settlement.

Again it wasn’t that Michael didn’t have insurance. It was just that the hospital didn’t want to bill him this way. Instead of going the usual route of reaching out to the insurance company first for payment, they came after him with a lien for the full amount of $17,000.  

Warner sternly responded to the hospital a month after the accident with a letter telling them to bill the insurance company or else they would “be in breach of the contract.” But, when Grady Memorial Hospital ignored this, he sent another letter to RevClaims, the company in charge of handling Grady’s billing for accident payments. RevClaims opted to blow him off, as well. They rejected his claims and proceeded as though he had no insurance. The lien was filed.

Attorney, Simon, told WSB-TV Alanta 2 News that he is working with over 30 clients that are dealing with this same exact issue with this hospital and RevClaims. The reason?  Simon tells us, “They are only doing it because of greed.” The truth is that hospitals get full price for liens instead of negotiated prices with insurance companies, and third parties get a piece of this as well.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, remain persistent, hold onto all paperwork, and seek legal counsel. Be sure to make copies of the letters you send as well. After battling Grady Memorial Hospital for several months, Michael was finally able to get the hospital to release the lien. They even sent a letter of apology.


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