Hit and Run Laws in Texas: Don’t Flee The Scene

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A hit and run accident occurs when you’re driving your car, minding your business, and another driver hits you and then drives off without as much as an apology or an exchange of information. If you’re ever in an auto accident, hit and run laws in Texas are very clear about what you must do in the aftermath.

Hit and Run Laws in Texas: Do Not Leave the Scene of an Accident

In some cases, you may not even be looking at a misdemeanor—but even a felony to run off. Some cases involve simple fines; others might go as severe as incarceration. So what responsibilities do you have as a driver?

The laws are very specific. In fact, you might not leave right away at the scene of the accident and still be accused of a hit-and-run. Under the Texas Transportation Code, here’s what you need to do just to avoid the criminal charge:

  • Provide Aid – That means checking to see if the other driver and any other involved parties are okay.
  • Provide Your Contact Info – All parties need to know who you are.
  • Be as Close as Possible to the Scene – You must do this without blocking traffic or making it difficult to render aid and provide personal information.
  • Driver Not Around? Leave a Note – Some cases involve situations where you can’t find the other party. That’s okay, and you won’t get in trouble if you simply leave a note with all your contact info on it. And leave that note somewhere where the other party for sure can see it.
  • Contact Authorities in Any Way You Can – Sometimes you might not have a phone on you. If that’s the case, flag someone down on the highway or road, have them call 911, give that person your name and contact information. Remember: you’re covering your bases from front to back.

Don’t complete any of these tasks as the driver—whether the accident was your fault or not—could easily result in arrest.

Accidents Happen All the Time, But It’s Absolutely Important to Avoid the Worst

It’s one thing to simply have your insurance company cover damages and handle the case appropriately, but to run off and not exercise due diligence removes that privilege completely. What could’ve been a simple civil case would turn into a criminal matter in minutes.

Likewise, if you’re in an accident and the other driver has left the scene, make sure you call the police. You can also contact an injury attorney to learn more about your rights. A personal injury lawyer can launch an investigation that could determine the identity of the fleeing driver.

If you have other questions about hit and run laws in Texas, it’s important to seek advisement of a qualified lawyer. You do have rights. Exercise them appropriately, and this does apply to both sides of any situation.

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