Why Did I Give Birth Prematurely?


While all mothers hope to give birth to healthy babies, a number of known factors could put their children at risk of being born prematurely. Premature newborns who weigh less than 3 pounds, 4 ounces at birth and those born before reaching 30 weeks of gestation have a high possibility of suffering from the retinal disease retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). While ROP blindness is preventable and the condition is curable, medical professionals must act diligently to screen, monitor and treat ROP before significant vision loss occurs.

Some risk factors for premature labor that soon-to-be mothers should be aware of include previously giving birth to twins or other multiples, previously having premature babies as well as having cervical or uterine abnormalities. It is important to discuss with your doctor your individual risk factors for premature birth as well as how to recognize the warning signs of premature labor. If you or a loved one has recently given birth to a premature child who did not receive a screening or adequate monitoring for ROP and subsequently suffered vision problems, speak with the attorneys at the Shapiro Law Group about your legal rights.

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