Fundamental Workers’ Rights Threatened by New Supreme Court Ruling

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Perhaps you have heard by now that the majority rule of the Supreme court was to support employers over employees in the latest case regarding arbitration and banding together of employees against their employer. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is no big deal. The truth is that many experts are concerned about the decision, written by conservative judge, Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Why Are Many Concerned?

The conservative Supreme Court judges have made a majority ruling to protect the right of employers over employees’ rights. There is concern that some unscrupulous employers will choose to abuse this new ruling in such a way that will exploit millions of American workers, particularly those that work in dangerous jobs or for little pay. It is believed by some that this ruling is teetering at the top of a slippery slope with the potential to roll back around sixty years of progress for workers’ rights, and that includes workers’ rights regarding sexual harassment and discrimination of all kinds.

Prior to the 1930s and the New Deal under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, employers simply had upset employees arrested and jailed for contempt by filling out a simple affidavit, regardless of any harsh working conditions, discrimination, unfair pay, or unreasonable (sometimes even inhumane) expectations of workers. “Yellow dog contracts”, which banned unionizing, were commonplace among big employers, as well, so workers endured great struggles just to get by. Thankfully, workers have been protected ever sincebut are we bound to repeat history?

Now that the recent decision by the Supreme Court has been made, an employer can create a government-backed employment contract that requires their workers to agree not to settle disputes through court, but only through arbitration. The employers’ right to demand this condition for employment is protected over the right of their employees to stand up for themselves in the best way that they see fit. Frankly, the employment contract can prevent the worker/s from being fully heard, even if their work environment is unsafe or discriminatory.

Furthermore, employees experiencing the same problem/s may be prevented from banding together, but this does not only mean as members of a union. Employers can actually forbid any workers from working together on a case, even just two people. So every employee that needs to resolve issues regarding wage theft or working conditions is forced to personally and individually settle any problem they have with their employer through arbitration, a method that already tends to favor the employer.

Reach Out for Legal Support

If your rights to work in a reasonably safe environment free from discrimination and harassment are being infringed upon by your employer, it is important for you to have strong support by your side for guidance and protection. Take the time to find a qualified employment attorney to support you in this important battle if you are ready to assert your rights to your fullest ability and strengthen your odds for a successful outcome to your case.