Families in Louisiana Still Battling Chinese Drywall Years After Hurricane Katrina


A picture of a warning signEight and a half years after Hurricane Katrina, some flooding victims are still not moved back into their homes due to unknowingly using Chinese drywall while rebuilding their houses. A young couple in Louisiana says that when rebuilding their flooded home after Katrina, they discovered it was built with toxic Chinese drywall. Every countertop, piece of furniture and even bedding had to be thrown out.

Many of those that rebuilt after Katrina complain of health problems, displacement and life savings gone with no reimbursement from Chinese drywall manufacturer Taishan.  At Colson Hicks Eidson, we will continue to stand up for Chinese drywall victims, leading the fight against negligent companies who knowingly sold and distributed this toxic product to US consumers. Contact us today by calling (305) 476-7400 or online through our case review form.

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