Facebook Live: Bird Nesting in Child Custody Cases

Maybe you’ve heard about the concept of birdnesting, either from stories about celebrity couples or the premise of a recent sitcom. But what exactly is birdnesting? What are the pros and cons? Is it a reasonable child custody solution for divorcing couples?

Family law attorney Kimberly Busch explains all the ins and outs of birdnesting, and why it may not be the most practical solution for most American families.

Questions answered in the video:

  • Is birdnesting a new thing?
  • What is birdnesting in a child custody case?
  • What are the advantages of birdnesting?
  • What are some drawbacks to birdnesting?
  • Advice for parents about childhood custody: do you recommend birdnesting?
  • How can an attorney help with birdnesting?
  • Is birdnesting good for children?

Watch the interview here!

Author: Kimberly Busch

Ms. Busch is licensed to practice law in Texas and Illinois.

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