Drug Company Announces Recall Due to Penicillin Scare


According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there has been a voluntary recall of Terra-Medica’s Pleo-FORT, Pleo-QUENT, Pleo-NOT, Pleo-STOLO, Pleo-NOTA-QUENT, and Pleo-EX homeopathic drug products after it was determined that they may contain penicillin.

“In patients who are allergic to beta-lactam antibiotics, even at low levels, exposure to penicillin can result in a range of allergic reactions, from mild rashes to severe and life-threatening anaphylactic reactions,” the FDA said.

The agency said that Terra-Medica will be notifying customers by letters and emails about the recall and will work with distributors on a return policy.

It should be noted that homeopathic products often do not go through the same trials or testing other drugs go through, making them potentially dangerous to consumers.

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