Driver Loses Control, Two Fatalities Reported


A suspected drunk driver caused two fatalities when he lost control of his vehicle on Interstate 8. On Saturday, April 19, the 26 year old was traveling west on the highway in the early morning hours when he drifted onto the center median. Traveling at about 70 mph, the driver overcorrected and lost control, swerving sharply to the right. His car barreled through a chain link fence and collided with a concrete structure.

When authorities responded to the scene they found several occupants inside the car. The two 20-year-old passengers with the driver were pronounced dead at the scene, and the driver was found seriously injured but alive. California Highway Patrol immediately escorted the victim to the hospital for treatment. When he stabilizes, he is likely to face charges of felony DUI causing death and vehicular homicide.

Motorists often lose control of their vehicles after a minor collision with a guardrail or median. They panic and overcorrect, swerving into other lanes of traffic. Drinking or other intoxicants increases this risk, because drivers are less able to judge distances and can be traveling at unsafe speeds.

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