Does Roundup Cause Non Hodgkin Lymphoma?

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Does Roundup cause non-Hodgkin lymphoma? The evidence suggests that it does, and that Monsanto likely knew about it. Many suffering cancer patients are coming forward with claims that Roundup caused their illness.

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What are the alleged problems with Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer?

Roundup has an active ingredient called glysophate, which has been linked to some dangerous conditions dating back to 1972. Specifically, it was tied to diagnoses of lymphoma and leukemia. It was first linked to mice, and then later studies found a link in humans. If Roundup has a risk of causing these conditions, the consumer should know about it.

Does Monsanto know about these health risks?

Attorney Brown argues that Monsanto is aware of the link, as it dates back to 1972. This was the year of the IBT study, which it was later discovered involved scientists accused of fraud. A separate study in 1976 was found to cause tumors and cancers in mice. They attempted to “work” with the EPA in order to not be labeled a class 3 carcinogen, which the EPA allowed.

Looking back at the history of this product starting with 1972, it certainly appears like Monsanto was aware of the product’s dangers. Bayer purchased Monsanto, and now they are defending these litigations.

Why is Roundup still available in stores? Is it safe now?

No, the active ingredient is still the same. There is still a cancer risk.

California wanted to add a label to the product saying that there is a link to lymphoma and leukemia. The EPA resisted, saying that based on their information, they thought it was safe.

One important thing to note: most juries who have heard these claims have issued verdicts that side with the victims.

Roundup is alleged to cause non-Hodgkin lymphoma. What is non-Hodgkin lymphoma?

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is not the only condition linked to Roundup use. It has also been linked to blood conditions, blood disorders in which the body’s blood is cancerous. His firm investigates all types of cancer and disease potentially tied to long term exposure to Roundup.

Does cancer only result from long term exposure to Roundup?

Most cases involve long-term exposure. It depends on who is diagnosed as well: was is part of their job to use Roundup, or is it someone who used it around the house?

Brown says that his firm is happy to investigate claims involving any level of Roundup exposure. Each case is different and requires a full investigation.

What are some signs and symptoms of a Roundup-based illness?

Some symptoms of illness brought on by Roundup exposure include:

  • Listlessness
  • Sweating
  • Problems sleeping at night
  • Easily bruising

Since the Roundup lawyers will be asking you who you spoke with first: your doctor or your lawyer, it is suggested that you speak with your doctor first to get a full diagnosis. This can also help your attorney develop your case.

Is it too late to get involved with Roundup cancer lawsuits?

The litigation is far along, and while it’s not currently too late, it could soon cross that line. If you suspect that you have a case, contact Brown, LLC to learn more about what you should do next. They have many attorneys working on these cases. The consultation is free.

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