Do I Have a Defective Product Lawsuit?

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When we put our hard-earned money into purchasing or renting a product, we are putting our trust in the integrity of claims made by the businesses and companies that provide them. Most of the time, the exchange is good for both sides and we can go along our merry ways. Unfortunately, no one is perfect, though, and sometimes people are careless or even straight up crooked. False claims are made or proper testing is simply skirted, and consumers are left kicking themselves, fuming about being tricked into giving money to companies that don’t really care at all about customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, however, the issue isn’t always just terrible products. Sometimes, people are terribly hurt by defective products. Sometimes the injuries even last for a lifetime. When a product is dangerous and causes injury, then consumers have the right to take the producer, distributor, and sometimes even seller to court for a defective product lawsuit.

One Example of a Defective Product Lawsuit

A defective product lawsuit involving a work truck, a mother, and her baby was finally settled this month in Philadelphia. It’s been a long road for Shanika Lakiya Brown, whose arm was severed and whose infant daughter lost her leg due to the collision with a Silvi work truck. She had to fight Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, Bridgestone Bandag, and McCarthy Tire Service for settlements up to this final case. Now, Silvi Concrete Products and others have been ordered to pay for punitive damages. Ultimately, the defective Bridgestone L315 and Bridgestone Bandag technology were faulty and caused a multi-vehicle collision that ejected Ms. Brown and her baby from their vehicle. They lost limbs and have suffered a great deal, and that is why she has won a combined $11.7 million verdict.

What is Considered a Defective Product?

It is pretty straightforward that a defective product is one that has a defect from the design phase or due to the manufacturing of the product. But did you know that products are considered defective if they simply don’t have adequate warnings and instructions? Also, faulty products are not just basic items like tires, hairdryers, and phones. Sometimes, they are even items that we ingest, such as medications or even food. There are a range of products that can fall under the defective product category and you can go here to learn more about defective product examples

How Does a Defective Product Lawsuit Work?

American consumers are protected under product liability laws. This is in part because this issue is, unfortunately, a real problem that must be kept in check.  Most of us have heard about the suing of the tobacco company, Philip Morris, that occurred decades ago. General Motors is no stranger to product liability cases either. One example is the ignition switch issue that ended with a $900 million settlement where people were not only injured, many also died. Another example is faulty airbags ending in a death. Another example is a problematic key fob that would suddenly shut down the engine with the slightest touch. Merck Pharmaceuticals, the second largest pharmaceutical company, has been in trouble as well for inadequate warnings associated with their osteoporosis drug, Fosamax. You can learn more about how product liability lawsuits work by going here.

Legal Support is Available

It can be daunting to stand up against an established producer or major corporation, but regardless of how big they are, you still deserve compensation. Furthermore, these companies must be held accountable for their defective products. You are worth the time and effort to set things right, and you don’t have to do it alone. Keep in mind that every state also has deadlines that can impact how long someone has before they can no longer seek justice for injuries, so don’t let any time waste and get the help you need from a qualified product liability attorney now.