Distracted Drivers Are Biggest Threat to Motorcyclists

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Photo of motorcycle accidentDistracted driving accidents have become a nationwide epidemic. Due to the small size and limited safety features on most motorcycles, riders can be extremely vulnerable to injury on the road.

Motorcycle riders are in the most danger when a car makes a left-hand turn. More than 40 percent of collisions between cars and motorcycles are caused by cars turning left into the motorcycle’s path.

Staying attentive behind the wheel could save lives. In local news, police are seeking a hit-and-run driver who was responsible for seriously injuring three motorcyclists on Saturday June 28.

According to reports, the first motorcyclist was traveling westbound on Colorado 24 when a motorist turned left onto Crystal Peak, directly into the path of the motorcycle. The 2013 Harley Davidson collided with the black truck, sending both rider and passenger into oncoming traffic.

Another motorcyclist on a 2007 Yamaha was traveling eastbound, and he crashed his bike to avoid hitting the injured riders.

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