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Blatant Discrimination Against Alternative Gender Expression in Texas

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Blatant Discrimination Against Alternative Gender Expression in Texas

The right of all American citizens to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is fine and dandy for some fellow Americans until a person’s pursuit leads to challenging gender roles or sexual orientation in any way. Recently in Texas, a 21-year-old man, Bobby Rodriguez, experienced discrimination when he was prevented from entering a nightclub in Corpus Christi for wearing eyelashes and lipstick. According to the bouncer, the basis for this was, “Men need to dress like men.” The club owner further supported the bouncer and called Rodriguez’s allegations “just a bunch of frivolous baloney.”

Stigmatization Against the Transgender Individual

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated occurrence.  This kind of discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community or participants in alternative lifestyles is not uncommon, and many of these individuals find themselves stigmatized and shunned by intolerant members of society. Statistics are readily available that reveal the disproportionate amount of violence that falls upon an individual that doesn’t quite fit the standard gender mold.   

Regardless of the many findings to support a need for protection of transgender and LGBTQ individuals, federal law does not protect citizens discrimination based on their sexual orientation or identity.  Some states have chosen to fill in this gap, but others (like Texas) are proudly against it. Still, there are even some cities in Texas that do, in fact, prohibit discrimination against transgender people, so it is worthwhile to look into if your city actually supports you, even if your state doesn’t as a whole.

Makeup for Men is More Common Than Some Think

The truth is that makeup giants CoverGirl, Rimmel, and MAC have begun to market makeup to men since the amount of men buying it is increasing. The truth is that these companies have gotten a slew of positive responses to this, so this isn’t likely to change. There is even now a Canadian makeup line, Formen, that is specifically...well, for men. Perhaps in a few years, men wearing makeup will be better received by society, but at this time, if it isn’t indiscreet, it can be risky.

Are There Any Legal Options for This Kind of Discrimination?

First of all, do not just give up and take the abuse. It is always wise to seek legal counsel just to see if there is an angle that can possibly be taken to help someone to get justice against this treatment. Sometimes you will be surprised by what can still be done in these situations. Speak with a qualified and compassionate civil rights lawyer now by clicking this link.  Otherwise, consider also supporting special organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to add your voice to sincere efforts for equality.


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