Denver Apartment Complex Failed to Perform Required Asbestos Testing


A picture of a chest x-rayAccording to 9News, Denver Environmental Health discovered that no asbestos testing had been completed for an apartment complex that had to be evacuated in February after asbestos was found during renovations.

“Through the course of phone conversations, it became evident that they did not have an asbestos survey or couldn’t produce that information, so at that time we ordered them to get the material sampled and provide us a report,” said Environmental Protection Investigator Ben Siller. “The bottom line: regulation states that prior to any renovation or demolition an asbestos survey must be completed.”

Even though they should, many rental property owners do not take the time to make sure their properties are asbestos free. Therefore, anyone who is a resident of or considering moving in to a rental property, especially an older one, should make sure that it has been checked for asbestos, even if that means asking management, in writing, to have the place professionally inspected.

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