Defective Product Lawyer: Why I Do What I Do

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Appliances, vehicles, pharmaceutical drugs – any of these products can contain defects, and any of them can cause potentially fatal injuries.

As a defective product lawyer, John Romano represents people who have been injured or killed by a defective product. In this video, he explains more about his work in the field of product liability.

John Romano is an injury attorney and partner at Romano Law Group based in Palm Beach, Florida. He has nearly 40 years of experience dealing with victims of serious injuries, including those caused by defective products.

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Who is Liable for Defective Products?

Depending upon the case, multiple parties could be responsible for an injury caused by a product defect.

  • The parties who designed the product could be liable if the design was flawed from the beginning
  • If the design was fine but certain models came with flaws, the product manufacturers could be responsible
  • The person who sold the product could be liable if they knowingly sold a defective product
  • Any combination of the above

Product liability suits are complex. With so many parties involved with the making of a product, from conception to sale, many of them often try to blame each other for the defect. It takes an attorney experienced in these matters to investigate and determine where the blame lies.

In many cases, an investigation will reveal that the product makers knew that a certain product was dangerous. They still decided to release the product. Perhaps they were too far along in development that it would be too expensive to redesign the product. Maybe they knew it would hurt people, but decided that making money was more important. In any scenario, negligent parties need to held responsible for releasing dangerous products that harm people.

What Should I Do if I’m Injured by a Defective Product?

If you’ve been injured by a defective product, follow these steps:

  1. Save the product! Whatever it may be–pressure cooker, washing machine, vehicle, prescription drug–do NOT through it away. Your legal team will need the original product when performing their investigation.
  2. Get medical help. Seek medical attention immediately. Your health and safety is the most important consideration. Worry about the medical cost later. An attorney can help you find ways to recoup your medical expenses.
  3. Call an attorney. Not sure if you have a case? Scheduling a call with an attorney is a great way to find out. They can investigate, at no cost to you, and let you know what your best options are.

These cases are complex and time-consuming. An attorney will only take your case if they suspect they can win. If a defective product claim isn’t in your (or their) best interest, then they will let you know.

To learn more, contact John Romano by calling 888-981-1050 or by submitting a contact form on this page. The consultation is free, and you owe no out-of-pocket attorney fees.

Video Transcript:

Our practice of product liability law focuses on consumer products. It might be a car or truck that someone purchases. It might be an appliance. It might be a medication. It might be a medical device like a hip. Could be a pacemaker. Could be a defective knee and defective shoulder. So it’s all kinds of products, things that people use day in and day out in their everyday lives. And what our practice focuses on is when people are injured because there has been a design defect or a flaw in manufacturing in one of these products. What happens is often there are horrid injuries or someone is killed. When that happens, we try to come to the rescue of that family and make a recovery for them against the manufacturer, which would be the company that either designed or manufactured the product. And that’s what I have been doing in large measure for the last part of 45 years. And I hope to continue to do it for another 25 years.

Disclaimer: This video is for informational purposes only. In some states, this video may be deemed Attorney Advertising. The choice of lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements.

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