Defective Military Earplugs? Military Vets Explore Legal Options Against 3M

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Did defective military earplugs cause hearing-related injuries to thousands of US veterans?

3M is currently facing legal action based on allegedly defective combat earplugs they made that were standard issue to military service members for several years. Now, many veterans say that they suffer from hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and balance problems because the earplugs didn’t work.

In this interview, Mike Eidson explains how this isn’t the first time 3M has faced legal action, as well as the options available for injured veterans. His firm accepts clients injured by defective products throughout the country, and he can be reached at 888-544-6767, or simply click the red “Ask Now For Free” button on the right.

Questions answered in this video:

  • What are the allegations against these earplugs?
  • Did 3M know that these earplugs didn’t work?
  • What sort of injuries are being reported?
  • How many veterans used these earplugs in combat?
  • What about the settlement the government reached with 3M?
  • Why did they settle for just $9.1 million?
  • What is the next step for injured military service members?
  • How do mass torts and multidistrict litigation work?
  • Should military veterans with hearing loss or hearing damage call an attorney?
  • Can an attorney handle my case over the phone?
  • What about veterans who have passed away? Do their family members have grounds for legal action?
  • At what point should victims contact a lawyer?
  • What is your experience with cases where many people are affected by the same issue?

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