Interview: Did Defective Auto Parts Cause a Car Crash?

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What can you do when something in your car malfunctions or breaks down and causes a car wreck? How do you know if it’s the owner’s fault for lack of maintenance, a repair shop for fixing something incorrectly, or a manufacturer for making a defective product? The answer: hire an expert to perform an investigation to determine what really happened.

Brian Chase has many years of experience with auto defect lawsuits. In this video, you learn what to do if you suspect that defective auto parts played a role in your car accident.

Topics covered in this video:

  • How is a defective auto part car accident different from a “regular” car accident?”
  • Who is liable in an auto defect case?
  • What sort of auto defects do you frequently see?
  • In order to file a lawsuit, does the part need to be recalled?
  • How can you determine if an auto defect was responsible for a car accident?
  • Who is the best lawyer for an auto defects case?
  • What can someone expect when they get in touch with Bisnar Chase?