DC Injured Workers: What To Do if Your Employer is Self-Insured

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How do injury claims work in DC if your employer is self-insured? As attorney David Schloss explains, in DC, these claims are treated equally under the law, whether your employer is self-insured or has insurance with a carrier. You may also be able to bring a lawsuit against a third party responsible for your injuries.

Video Transcript:

There are self-insured employers in DC, both for workers’ compensation claims and for negligence claims. That doesn’t matter to us—they’re treated equally under the law. The cases that we bring are against the employers, or against the third party entities that are responsible for someone’s injuries. It doesn’t matter whether that employer or defendant is self-insured or has insurance with some insurance carrier. The process is the same. I have clients who have been my clients for 15+ years, some even longer than that. It’s not because their case hasn’t ended or settled, or there hasn’t been a compensation order issued, it’s because part of the case has been resolved, but the medical coverage remains open.