Daycare Negligence: New Mexico Owners Sentenced for Death of Child

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When daycare providers fail at their duties due to negligence, it can result in the death of children. Such is the case for New Mexico daycare professionals, Mary Taylor and Sandi Taylor, mother and daughter, with sentences of 36 and 30 years respectively . They were accused of leaving two children in a hot car for between two to three hours in July of 2017. One child died, and the other faced critical injuries. Mary and Sandi say they took several children to a park in the afternoon, got distracted, and accidentally left the two children inside the car when they returned to the daycare.

Daycare Providers Must Provide Constant Supervision

It is, in fact, the biggest cause of daycare injuries in any case. When not enough professionals securely supervise children, accidents do happen—not necessarily for lack of caring, but lack of resources, which still require a sense of responsibility and accountability.

How does an attorney prove that, however? There are, in fact, signs based on evidence. For starters, any daycare facility must provide these specifics to ensure they’re properly providing beneficial services:

  • Correct caregiver-to-child ratio
  • First aid tools & access
  • Proper safety standards
  • Scheduling and rations
  • Access to water
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Appropriate no abuse policy in place

If any of these are not even listed, it could be cause for daycare negligence lawsuit.

Keep in mind that a criminal investigation can invoke fines and imprisonment for negligent parties, but this does nothing for the victims who are still alive and grieving. A personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can help provide some compensation and justice for those who lost loved ones.

Consult a Qualified Attorney to Discuss the Options Available

Your immediate goal is to find out just how the law measures up to you. If you do have questions about your situation, do seek a free consultation immediately. You are entitled to justice. Be sure to communicate all the facts and receive an honest opinion, decision and suggestion from a qualified lawyer on the process of personal injury law. Observe what is known as the Statute of Limitations as well, which means if you wait too long, you may lose your chance. Act now, immediately. And remember: the consultation is completely free. It may be the best call you make.

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