Dangerous Drugs: Why We Can’t Trust The FDA

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Isn’t the Food and Drug Administration supposed to regulate the pharmaceutical industry? How are so many dangerous drugs available on the market?

John Romano is an injury attorney and partner at Romano Law Group based in Palm Beach, Florida. He has nearly 40 years of experience helping victims of serious injuries. In this video, he explains that it’s up to the judicial system, not the FDA, to get harmful drugs and medical devices banned.

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Why Does the FDA Allow Dangerous Drugs to Flood the Market?

As Romano explains, the FDA largely relies on research and data from the pharmaceutical companies themselves. They expect companies to perform sufficient testing to make sure that the products are safe.

As you can imagine, this presents a massive conflict of interest. Pharmaceutical companies are not always thorough in the research that they perform and make available to the FDA. They often choose to only release the most favorable data and ignore those that cast the drugs in a dangerous light.

Once it has reached the shelves (or became available via prescription), the FDA will only act to ban or issue a warning once people start complaining about the drug’s ill effects. Essentially this means that humans act as guinea pigs. Once people start noticing harmful effects, they will issue complaints, and then the FDA might respond.

Side Effects from Dangerous Drugs? Call an Attorney Immediately

We can’t assume that because the FDA hasn’t issued a ban or a warning that a drug must be safe. It’s up to consumers and attorneys working together to put a stop to dangerous and unethical practices.

If you suspect that a dangerous drug has caused an injury, illness, or death, contact an attorney immediately. They can perform an investigation to find out if the drug is indeed dangerous. Class action lawsuits and multidistrict litigation efforts involving dangerous drugs often start with one person speaking up. You may find that efforts are already underway to hold the manufacturer accountable for releasing a dangerous product onto the market.

To learn more about what to do if you suspect a drug has caused an injury or death, contact attorney Romano directly by calling 888-981-1050 or by submitting a contact form on this page.

Video Transcript:

A lot of times people ask, how is it that we have these defective products with all kinds of problems when the government is supposed to be regulating them? One example, when we think of drugs, we think of this vast agency of the government which is overseeing drugs in America. Yet the FDA doesn’t test, doesn’t inspect, doesn’t do anything with respect to these products by looking at them and trying to determine themselves, that agency, whether or not they’re good, of high quality, whether they work, etc. What they do is rely upon these manufacturers to tell the government: Here are the tests that we’ve done. So they have to rely on these pharmaceutical companies. So as a result, it’s one drug after another that is harmful. It is one medical device after another that is harmful. The only real true overlook of these companies is the judicial system and judges and juries. That is who is really paying attention to what they’re doing. And that’s why we have seatbelts in our cars. That’s why we have airbags in our cars. That’s why smoking has gone like this in America because of what happened in litigation.

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