Are Concussions The Only Way Football Players Can Damage Their Brains?


According to a recent study, a concussion is not the only way a football player can alter their brain functions; being hit in the head is enough to change how the brain works. HealthDay News reported that a recent study found that “the more total hits a player had received to the head, the more changes that were measured in the white matter of his brain.”

The conduction part of the brain, or white matter, showed irregularities when compared to the number of hits to the head a player received while playing football. Interestingly, of the 45 high school football players that participated in this study, none of them received a concussion during the 2012 season.

HealthDay stated that the brain activity of the players involved in the study was monitored through many methods. Accelerometers were installed in each player’s helmet so they could record the number and severity of hits a player received during the season. Additionally, each player had two MRIs done, once before the football season and another after the season.

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