Are Your Children Safe At Day Care Centers?


A picture of a courtroomBetween 2011 and 2013, The Indianapolis Star reported that there have been 31 deaths in Indiana day care centers. Of those 31 deaths, 21 of them came from day care centers that were operating illegally or without a license to run a day care. As it currently stands, Indiana is one of 11 states that do not permit the licensing of day cares operating from a home and with less than five children under their care.

Critics are not surprised by the number of deaths at day care centers, and they do not think that recent legislative moves will reduce the number of deaths in the future. Lawmakers have only focused on mandating that all day care centers are licensed; they have not thought past mandating other hurdles that a day care center must go through before being deemed by the state to be in compliance with all safety standards. Critics also want to see all day care operators go through specialized training and undergo more rigorous inspections at their facilities.

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