Child Pornography Victims: Know Your Legal Rights

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As a parent, what do you do when your worst nightmare comes true?

When the unthinkable happens and a child is the victim of sexual abuse and assault, you have options for seeking justice.

Marc Lenahan the owner of Lenahan Law Firm in Dallas, TX and chairman of the National Compassion Fund. He explains what families in this unthinkable situation need to know about their legal options.

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After the accuser is behind bars, does that mean the fight is over?

Not necessarily. In some cases, the abuser is brought to justice and locked away. The family thinks the worst is behind them and try to go on living their lives as normally as possible.

This all changes when the family receives a Victim Notification Letter. This lets the family know that the police arrested someone who had images of their child on the computer. They may get future letters informing them that their child’s image has been found on even more computers.

How often does this occur? Are Victim Notification Letters common?

Ever since founding Restore The Child division of his firm, Lenahan and his firm has received a Victim Notification Letter almost every single day for five years.

How many children are affected by this kind of abuse?

Far too many children from this type of ongoing abuse. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children lists 12,000 children in the database. Many of these children have yet to be identified.

Of those, 1,500 children are being actively traded. Of those, only 50 have consulted a lawyer to begin the process of seeking justice.

Can attorneys reach out to these victims and their families?

They cannot. Since the victims are all anonymous, the attorneys don’t know who they are. This keeps the kids safe, but it prevents lawyers from letting families know that there are ways they can help. It’s also hard to create a page that would land well on a Google search. The same search terms parents might use to find resources could lead to child pornography sites.

Sometimes the FBI will instruct victims to call the Lanehan Law Firm and ask about Restore The Child.

How can children who are victims get help?

This applies to both children and adults who were abused as children. The lawyer will consult with the child’s therapists and take it from there. The attorneys must navigate a complex system of state and federal criminal statutes to help set things right. All the kids know is that they will occasionally get calls from the lawyer saying that it’s time to receive another check.

How can children who are victims of abuse receive compensation?

There are two ways to obtain compensation for child pornography and child abuse:

Attorneys work with federal criminal judges to have the victim included in the criminal sentencing. Part of the offender’s sentencing involves paying their victims a certain amount of money. The firm appears in federal courts throughout the world to make this happen.

The second method comes into play when the offender is particularly wealthy. Offenders can be rich or poor, and when the offenders have considerable assets, the lawyers can bring a suit directly against them. In one case, the wife of a wealthy lawyer was distributing child pornography for years, and the Lenahan Law Firm sought legal action against her.

Where do you handle cases?

While the Lenahan Law Firm is based in Dallas, they handle cases all other the world. Most of their Restore The Child cases involve victims who never actually step foot in the office.

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