Child Dies After Failed Tracheostomy: Family Obtains Legal Victory

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You can’t live if you can’t breathe. This is why airway management is such a crucial area for medical professionals to know. Attorney Michael Perez helped secure a settlement for a family who lost a loved one because the attending physicians practiced poor airway management.

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What is airway management?

Airway management is one of the first skills that medical professionals learn how to perfect. It involves creating an airway for a patient to breathe when they cannot breathe for themselves. Intubations and extubations are common forms of airway management. Whenever a patient is put under anesthesia, it puts their body in a state where they cannot breathe for themselves. This means a machine will need to breathe for them. Any errors made in the airway management process can cause serious complications, including brain injury and death.

What happened in this case?

In the case discussed by Atlanta attorney Michael Perez, a young girl was receiving a tracheostomy. When the doctors inserted a breathing tube, they cut a vein, which caused massive blood loss. Ultimately, the blood loss was too severe, and she died from the injury.

In the video, Michael Perez states that this was a case of clear negligence. They should have been able to insert the breathing tube without cutting any major veins. He further explains that if the doctor who performed this procedure didn’t know how, they should have assigned the procedure to someone else.

What should you do about an injury or death that takes place under medical care?

Not every instance of an injury or death at a hospital constitutes medical malpractice. An attorney will need to investigate to determine what your options are.

If the doctor made a mistake, and the patient suffered as a result, then there’s a good chance that they committed malpractice.

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Video Transcript:

I’m Rob Rosenthal with and this is an legal brief. Medical experts would tell you when it comes to lifesaving procedures, airway management is something that doctors should be able to easily and safely perform. Unfortunately that didn’t happen for a young girl in Georgia who died after surgeons attempted to perform an emergency tracheostomy during the process of intubating her. Attorney Michael Perez of the Atlanta-based Warshauer Law Group sued, claiming the doctors acted negligently and cut a superficial vein in the patient’s neck while performing the routine procedure. The blood loss resulted in her death and her family pursued the legal action.

Attorney Perez says: “The process of inserting a breathing tube into a patient is medicine 101. Every doctor should be able to do this with their eyes closed. And if a doctor is unable to do this routine procedure then that doctor should have someone more capable do it for them. That these doctors were unable to do so and as a result caused the death of this young girl is clear and defined negligence and the family deserves to be compensated for their loss. I’m grateful that we were able to secure a favorable outcome for this family.” Attorney Perez was able to settle and secure a victory in this medical malpractice case. If you want the best information about medical malpractice or you’re ready to choose a lawyer that lawyers choose, visit I’m Rob Rosenthal and this has been an legal brief.

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