What Should You Do After a Slip and Fall Injury?

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Attorney Kathleen M. Reilly | 888-981-0027 | FREE Consult If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall injury outside of a commercial property like a restaurant or supermarket, you need to contact a lawyer immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it is to prove who was responsible for your injuries, losses, and extra […]

Does Roundup Cause Non Hodgkin Lymphoma?

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Jason Brown | 888-981-0016 | FREE Consult Does Roundup cause non-Hodgkin lymphoma? The evidence suggests that it does, and that Monsanto likely knew about it. Many suffering cancer patients are coming forward with claims that Roundup caused their illness. Jason Brown is Senior Litigator and head of the law firm Brown, LLC, based in Jersey […]

How Does Mediation Work in New Jersey?

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Are you considering mediation to resolve a legal dispute or divorce and are unsure what to expect? In this video, a New Jersey attorney explains how the mediation process works, so you know how to prepare for your session. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (also known as ADR), and it can be […]

Do I Need a Will in New Jersey?

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Do you need a will in New Jersey, or can you just go without? Passing away without a will results in state law determining who your heirs are and what amount of property they will receive. By consulting with an attorney and creating a testimonial will (which may include advanced medical directives, which spell out […]

What Should You Tell Police At the Scene of an Accident?

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After being involved in an accident, you should always call 911 to have emergency services come right away for medical assistance available and to file a police report. Once police are at the scene, drivers and anyone who witnessed the accident should be open and honest with the officers, of course. But what, exactly should […]

Does Asbestos Exposure Continue to Cause Mesothelioma?

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Even though it has been mostly outlawed for decades, how does asbestos exposure continue to cause mesothelioma? The fibers in asbestos, once inhaled or ingested, may not begin to show symptoms for many years later in the workers and individuals affected. In many cases, the original employer may not even be in business. However, this […]

Do You Need a Will in New Jersey?

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Does a person need to have a will in New Jersey? If you do not have a will when you pass away, your assets will be distributed to your heirs according to state probate laws, and there may be tax consequences that could have been avoided with planning. Whether you need a comprehensive estate planning […]

Do I Need a Lawyer to Sell a Home in New Jersey?

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Do you need a lawyer to sell a home in New Jersey? In this video, an experienced real estate lawyer explains the law and what a person should look for in an attorney when they are selling home. Although most residential sales seem like they would be straightforward, it is always a good idea to […]

What are New Jersey Wage and Hour Laws?

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What are New Jersey wage and hour laws, and how can employees and workers know that they are being treated fairly? In this video, an employment lawyer explains some basic points of wage and hour law, and discusses how non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay. Workers who are not paid in accordance with the […]

Is Asbestos Exposure Continuing to Cause Mesothelioma?

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Although asbestos and its removal is heavily regulated, asbestos exposure continues to cause mesothelioma among workers. Anyone diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos-related disease should speak to a lawyer about their legal options.

Can You Save a Car from Repossession?

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If your car is under threat of repossession, or if your car was recently repossessed, you may have options to get it back. Additionally, repo men and the companies that employ them must follow strict state laws regarding this practice. Bankruptcy

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

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Do you really need to hire a lawyer after a car accident? In some cases, yes, in some cases, no. However, almost all car accident attorneys offer free consultations. There’s no reason not to speak to a lawyer to get some legal advice, then deciding whether you want to retain the lawyer or go at […]

Underpaid as a Recovery Worker for Superstorm Sandy?

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Recovery workers for Superstorm Sandy on the Jersey Shore may have been underpaid wages. If you were a recovery worker, have your pay stubs reviewed by an attorney to see if you have a claim.

Have a Zoning Problem with New Jersey Real Estate?

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Zoning issues can tie up real estate, burden properties and cause headaches for owners. If you have a zoning issue in New Jersey, speak to a qualified lawyer about your legal options.