All States Could Soon Legalize Gambling

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Thanks to a recent SCOTUS decision, all states are now free to pursue legalizing gambling. But how long does that process take? What needs to be done? This legal brief features attorney Cory Aronovitz. Video Transcript: I’m Leslie Rhode, and this is an legal brief. In May 2018, the Supreme Court declared the Professional […]

What is the Restaurant Industry without Immigrants?

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A large percentage of the hospitality industry’s workforce consists of foreign-born employees. All immigrant workers have rights, and that even includes undocumented workers. Immigration attorney, Kevin L. Dixler, based in Chicago, IL, talks about undocumented worker rights and current laws. To talk to him about these issues as well as other immigration issues, such as […]

Will a Party Bus Keep You Safe?

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Are Party Buses Safe? Party buses may seem like a safe alternative to drinking and driving. However, they present an entirely new set of dangers. Several operators fail to meet basic safety requirements. Lots of vehicles are unsafe, and many drivers are inexperienced or even unlicensed. Chicago attorney David Neiman, of Baizer Kolar Neiman P.C., […]