Case Story: Child Custody and Grandparents’ Rights

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Can grandparents receive custody of their grandchildren? Grandparents rights is a tricky legal issue: grandparents will need to prove that the parents are unfit and creating a bad environment for the child. In this video, child custody attorney Kelli Byers Hooper explains a case she handled involving a child raised by his grandparents, and what […]

Legal Brief: Beware Handlebar Defect in Box Store Bikes

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If you bought a discount bike from a major bike store, it may have a potentially fatal defect. Many bikes have caps on the ends of the metal handlebars, but some forego the caps to save money, and the sharp metal ends can injure cyclists. In this video, attorney Trent Shuping explains a case he […]

Interview: Failure to Diagnose

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Misdiagnosis, also known as failure to diagnose, occurs when a doctor fails to correctly diagnose a patient’s condition. This can result from mistakes made during the testing process, and failing to perform certain tests. A common form of misdiagnosis: failing to realize that the patient has cancer, allowing the condition to worsen over time. We […]

Interview: Denied Workers’ Comp Claim

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Wondering what to do about a denied workers’ comp claim? You’re not alone. Many claims are denied or simply ignored. In this interview, Sarah E. Stottlemyer, partner at Stottlemyer & Associates, LLC, explains what to do if your workers’ comp claim is denied. Contact her directly at 888-981-8971. Topics covered in this interview: Are workers’ […]

Forklift Accident Victim Receives $7 Million Judgment

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Forklift accidents can cause permanent and fatal injuries. They can also be prevented if site managers obey regulations and take basic safety precautions. This legal brief features attorney Michael Warshauer, who recently recovered a $7 million judgment on behalf of a warehouse worker who lost a leg in a forklift accident. Michael Warshauer can be […]

Interview: Georgia Texting While Driving Laws

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According to Georgia texting while driving laws, are you allowed to use your phone while behind the wheel? What are the consequences and penalties? What happens if you’re involved in a car accident, and you suspect the other driver was checking their phone when the accident occurred? We spoke to car accident attorney Kathy McArthur […]

Interview: Child Support Across State Lines

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After divorce, child support, and child visitation orders are drawn up, what happens if one parent moves out of state? Family law attorney Kelli Hooper explains how this could change child support orders, depending on the family’s situation. Topics covered in this interview: Common legal issues when one person moves to a different state after […]

Interview: What You Need to Know About Medical Malpractice

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Medical malpractice is one of the leading causes of death in America. More than 250,000 people die in the United States every year due to a preventable medical error. What are you supposed to do after something goes wrong in the delivery room? How can you tell if it was negligence, or just an operation […]

Interview: Dividing Property in Divorce

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How do you go about dividing property in divorce? Who gets what? What counts as a marital asset vs a non-marital asset? Kelli Hooper is a divorce attorney based in Fayetteville, Georgia who helps clients in the Metro Atlanta area. In this video, she answers frequently asked questions about how property is divided between divorcing […]

Video Blog: When Does Child Support End?

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When does child support end? Divorce attorney Kelli Hooper explains when children will stop receiving child support. Video Transcript: What happens is generally most orders will say that child support will end when the child turns 18, becomes emancipated, marries, or enters the armed services. But that’s not triggered by anything in the court system, […]

Video Blog: How is Child Support Calculated in Georgia?

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How is child support calculated in Georgia? Divorce attorney Kelli Hooper explains that several algorithms determine the proper amount. She says that in Georgia, couples are allowed to deviate from this number. Video Transcript: So in Georgia child support is calculated by taking a gross income of both parties. They go into a worksheet that […]

Interview: How is Alimony in Georgia Calculated?

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If you’re considering filing for divorce, you may be curious how alimony (aka maintenance or spousal support) will factor into the process. In this video, divorce attorney Kelli Hooper explains how alimony in Georgia is calculated, and how the recent tax law affected the finances of many divorcees. Make sure you consult with an attorney […]

Damages Awarded in Georgia Car Crash Trial

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You’re not alone if you assumed that all lawyers regularly take cases to trial. The truth is that only a small percentage of attorneys are trial lawyers, and if you’re involved in a high stakes case involving several thousands of dollars, you need an attorney who’s been in the courtroom within the past year or […]

Attorney Interview: Finding a Trial Lawyer After a Car Accident

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Why should you hire a lawyer after a car accident? Can’t you handle it yourself? Also, why is it important to choose a trial lawyer… aren’t all lawyers trial lawyers? Kathy McArthur is a personal injury attorney based in Georgia. In this interview, she explains why you should make sure that you choose an attorney […]

What Happens When Patients Get Inferior Care?

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Doctors have a responsibility to treat everyone with a reasonable standard of care. When they discriminate and choose not to diagnose patients correctly, permanent harm can result. Kathy McArthur is a personal injury attorney in Macon, Georgia. She recently handled one such case, and a jury awarded her client a $3.1 million medical malpractice verdict. […]

When is a Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer Considered Medical Malpractice?

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When a doctor fails to diagnose cancer in a timely manner, patients lose some or all of the opportunity they might have had for effective treatment. In this video, a medical malpractice lawyer explains when a doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnoses may be legally actionable.

How Bad is the Distracted Driving Problem?

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Distracted driving, including texting while driving, continues to be on the rise throughout the country. It may even be a larger problem than drunk driving, as so many people text while driving, even in areas where it is outlawed. In this video, a Georgia attorney explains how she sees distracted driving accidents all the time […]

Can a Workers’ Comp Claim Dispute Go to Mediation?

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If an employee is denied a workers’ comp claim, mediation may be an option to resolve the issues. In this video, a workers’ comp lawyer explains the mediation process.