Interview: The Hidden Effects of Brain Injuries

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Brain injuries change lives forever, for both the victims and their loved ones. In this interview, attorney John Romano explains the struggles and challenges faced by those dealing with a TBI. Topics covered in this interview: How does life change after a brain injury? Do brain injuries cause symptoms that the general public doesn’t notice? […]

Case Story: Defective Auto Parts Cause TBI

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In this video, attorney John Romano explains a case he handled where the seatbacks in a car failed, leading to a brain injury for one of the passengers. When the victim eventually received her Master’s degree, the defense tried to use this as evidence against the severity of the injury. Contact the attorney directly: 888-981-1050 […]

What Does It Take for an Attorney to Win at Trial?

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Not every attorney is going to check every detail of a case like they should. Some may even disregard evidence or simply scan it.  In the case of personal injury, this can end up being the very thing that makes or breaks your case.  It could be what decides if your medical care will be […]

Should Injured Elderly Seek Specialized Representation?

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How One Injured Elderly Woman Sought Justice An 89-year-old woman was injured in a crash, and it completely changed her life. However, the insurance company refused to comply, saying that according to her medical records, she was completely fine. In court, her lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey successfully argued that this was not the case. […]

How Can an Attorney Help With a Car Crash Like Yours?

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Need Help with a Car Accident in Miami? An 89-year-old woman was seriously injured in a car accident in Miami. The insurance company claimed that all of her injuries and ailments had nothing to do with the crash, and refused to cover them. As John H. (Jack) Hickey explains in this video, he represented her […]

Can a Child File an Injury Lawsuit or Make an Insurance Claim?

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When a child is harmed in a car accident or an incident on property, can he or she make an insurance claim? The short answer is yes, like any individual, they are entitled to receive money for medical bills and other damages. How does a child file an injury lawsuit? Watch our video to learn […]

What Happens When a Child is Killed in an Accident?

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No parent should ever have to face a tragedy such as when a child is killed in an accident, such as a car crash or other cause. There will never be anything that anyone can do to right such a wrong. Our attorneys assist parents and families in dealing with the aftermath of such an […]

Do Drug Companies Place Profits Over People?

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Does the pharmaceutical industry disregard safety in order to boost their own profits? Do they perform sufficient research to ensure people’s safety? What happens when a person is injured due to a drug or medical device injury? Watch this video to find out more on the subject whether drug companies place profits over people by […]

What is a Special Needs Trust?

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When a person is seriously injured and sustains a spinal injury or brain injury, or if the person is a minor, a special needs trust is one way to ensure any recovery from a personal injury lawsuit is kept safe and protected.

Is Your Car Being Recalled?

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When your car is listed on a recall, you should take it to the dealership as soon as possible. However, if you are injured due to a defective car or auto part, the manufacturer may still be liable to you, even if they instigated a voluntary recall.

How Do You Determine Fault in a Construction Accident?

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Construction sites are busy places, and accidents can cause serious injury and death to workers. While some construction workers may receive workers’ comp after an accident on site, there may also be additional claims to recover compensation. When a construction worker is seriously hurt or killed, he or she or their surviving family should speak […]

What is Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer?

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Breast cancer is a progressive disease, and the chances of a full recovery are best when it is caught early. This is why a doctor’s failure to diagnose breast cancer or delayed diagnosis of breast cancer is so devastating for women and their families. When doctors fail to follow the standard of care for testing […]

Can an Object in the Road Cause a Bike Accident?

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Objects in the road, barriers, potholes or other encumbrances may be the cause of bicycle accidents. When this happens, the Department of Transportation, other government entities or private businesses in charge of maintaining the roads may be liable if a cyclist is injured.

Can You Sue a Theme Park if You Signed a Liability Waiver?

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Many businesses, including theme parks, either make patrons sign liability waivers or the waiver is automatically included in the fine print of the ticket you purchase. However, signing a liability waiver will not necessarily prevent you from holding the theme park accountable if you or your child was injured. Speak to an attorney as soon […]

Can You File a Civil Lawsuit for Negligent Security After Being a Crime Victim?

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Property owners have a duty to their guests to maintain safe premises, and property owners may be held responsible if their tenants or guests are victims of assault, robbery or other crime. This can include apartment buildings, hotels and resorts, bars and restaurants, parking lots and more. In this video, attorney Joe Kalbec explains how […]

How Do Defective Hip Joints Cause Serious Injuries?

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Defective hip joints have the capacity to cause extreme pain when they fail after being implanted in patients. In addition to this injury, patients with defective hip joints have to bear invasive, second surgeries to correct the problem. In this video, attorney Mike Eidson explains how his law firm represented a number of patients with […]

What are Whistleblower Lawsuits?

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A whistleblower lawsuit, also called qui tam, is when an employee informs the authorities or oversight agency that their government agency or private company is engaging in fraud. When a person exposes fraudulent or illegal activities, the law protects them from retaliation and in some cases, offers a reward for coming forward.

Are Cruise Line Shore Excursions Safe?

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Shore excursions, the daily travel packages sold or promoted by the cruise lines, may result in accidents or injuries to participants. In some situations, the cruise lines may be responsible for the actions of these shore excursion companies. In this video, Miami lawyer Mike Eidson explains his law firm’s work with clients who have been […]