6 Things To Do After a Car Accident

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Not sure what to do after a car accident? Attorney Logan Quirk breaks it down into six simple steps. Remember: the insurance company is not your friend. Transcript: These are some things you should do following the accident when the insurance company contacts you. 1: Do not admit fault. Admitting fault obviously will be detrimental […]

Attorney Interview: Sharing the Road with Cyclists

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Many drivers and cyclists alike are unfamiliar with the details of cycling laws. Who is liable for a bicycle accident? What types of accidents should cyclists be on the lookout for? Fred Dudek is an injury attorney based in San Diego. He’s also an avid cyclist who participates in many local cycling activities and clubs. […]

Is This Will or Trust Valid? A Probate Litigator Explains

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Charles Triay, a probate litigation attorney based in Central California. When someone dies, sometimes there are issues in terms of who inherits their property. In fact, there are several reasons why someone might contest a will. When things get messy, a probate litigation attorney like Charles Triay steps in to resolve the dispute. Sometimes a […]

Are Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Protected Classes in California?

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While gender discrimination is unlawful under federal law, California has even greater protections for its workers. In addition to outlawing sex discrimination, California law makes it clear that sexual orientation discrimination and gender identity discrimination are also illegal in the state. Watch our video to learn more about these types of illegal workplace discrimination practices, […]

Experiencing Sexual Harassment at Work?

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Sexual harassment at work, or other types of abusive workplace behavior, is illegal and more people are standing up against this type of behavior. Everyone, both men and women, are entitled to a work environment that is safe and free from harassment and abuse. If you have been experiencing sexual harassment at work or discrimination, […]

Can Employment Law Cases be Class Action Lawsuits?

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Although most employment law cases about discrimination or wage and hour issues are individual lawsuits, in some cases, they may proceed as class actions. When can employment law cases be class action lawsuits? This typically happens when a larger corporation has systematically treated workers unfairly and against the law as a group of people. If […]

What is Gender Discrimination in Employment Law?

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What is gender discrimination in employment law, also knows as sex discrimination, and what can a person do about it? Although most cases of gender discrimination are about women, the law is gender-neutral, and men can be affected as well. Gender discrimination is when people are treated differently in employment, pay, benefits, promotion or termination […]

Does My Employer Owe Me Overtime Pay in California?

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All non-exempt workers, which is most hourly employees, are entitled to overtime pay in California and under federal law. However, some employers look to cut corners by holding back legal overtime pay, or they fail to pay this wage due to a misunderstanding of the law. Watch our video to learn more about California overtime […]

What is Disability Discrimination in the Workplace?

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In this video, California attorney Doug Silverstein explains what constitutes disability discrimination at work, when employers need to offer reasonable accommodations, and what employees can do when their rights are being violated.

How Does Overtime Pay Work in California?

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In this video, employment attorney Doug Silverstein explains when employees are entitled to overtime. When employers attempt to misclassify workers, or fail to pay them the proper overtime amounts, those employees will have a wage and hour claim under federal and state law.

Do I Need a Probate Litigation Attorney?

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Lawyers for California Will and Trust Matters When it comes to dealing with probate litigation issues, some may believe that they or their family attorney will be able to handle it without the assistance of a probate, trust and estate planning specialist. However, as probate litigation attorney Charles Triay explains in the following video, this […]

What Happens if a Probate Case Goes to Trial?

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I Need a Probate Litigation Attorney in California Attorney Charles Triay of the Triay Law Office has litigated many probate cases that either have settled beforehand or went to trial. In the following video, he reflects on the way some of these cases and financial disputes can negatively affect families if those involved are not […]

What Makes Contesting a Will in California Different Than Contesting a Trust?

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Probate Litigation Attorney Near Oakland for Contest Cases What goes in to contesting a will differs from what your legal representation must do to contest a trust. In this video, attorney Charles Triay explains why these documents differ, as well as the key features, such as mental ability to understand what is being signed, that […]

How Do I Know What Was Left to Me in a Will?

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Oakland Probate Litigation Lawyer Discusses Reading of the Will Despite what movies or television shows may depict, “reading of the will” rarely happens in California. As attorney Charles Triay explains in the following video, nowadays a will or trust is filed with the court and then copies of the document are mailed to those involved.

What Makes a Defective Will?

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Attorneys That Handle Probate Litigation Cases in California What does it mean when a will is called defective? As probate litigation lawyer Charles Triay discusses in this video, there are a couple of issues that may make a will defective. This includes not signing or dating the will and using unclear language.

Where Do I File a Will or Trust Dispute in California?

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Call a Probate Litigation Attorney in Oakland When a loved one passes away and a dispute arises with the will or trust, questions may arise regarding where the litigation needs to be filed. In this video, attorney Charles Triay explains the two places a potential will dispute or trust dispute may be filed depending on […]

How Do Attorneys Prove a Will Contest or Undue Influence Case?

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Find a Probate Litigation Lawyer in Oakland The collection of evidence, such as oral testimonies as well as documentary evidence from medical and financial records, is of utmost importance when proving a will contest case or undue influence case. As attorney Charles Triay explains in the following video, your legal representation must gather all these […]

Are There Common Patterns in Will and Trust Cases?

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Probate Litigation Attorney Near Me For a will to be legal in California, it has be in writing regardless of what someone was told they would inherit. As attorney Charles Triay explains in this video, issues with inheritance are often the source of many probate litigation cases.