Witnessed Healthcare Fraud? Report it Before it’s Too Late

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Attorney Jason Brown | 888-981-0016 | Schedule Your Consult Today Healthcare entities commit billions of dollars worth of fraud every year. Claims are misclassified, details are fudged, and bills are charged for services never rendered. If you’ve witnessed healthcare fraud and not reported it, the federal government may decide that you are part of the […]

Attorney Explains How to Report Medicare Fraud and Medicaid Fraud

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Attorney Jason Brown | 888-981-0016 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless We Win “The False Claims Act is a federal act that incentivizes whistleblowers to come forward with information about entities that are systemically defrauding the federal government out of money. Typically, this involves Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, and defense contractor fraud.” Have you […]

Former FBI Agent Explains Whistleblower Law

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Attorney Jason Brown | 888-981-0016 | Helps People Nationwide | FREE Evaluation Maybe you’re considering “blowing the whistle” on some unethical practices that the public needs to know about. It’s very important that you proceed cautiously. There are many traps that whistleblowers commonly fall into. In addition to being a former FBI special agent and […]

What is Gender Discrimination in Employment Law?

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What is gender discrimination in employment law, also knows as sex discrimination, and what can a person do about it? Although most cases of gender discrimination are about women, the law is gender-neutral, and men can be affected as well. Gender discrimination is when people are treated differently in employment, pay, benefits, promotion or termination […]

What are Whistleblower Lawsuits?

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A whistleblower lawsuit, also called qui tam, is when an employee informs the authorities or oversight agency that their government agency or private company is engaging in fraud. When a person exposes fraudulent or illegal activities, the law protects them from retaliation and in some cases, offers a reward for coming forward.