After Fall, Roofer with Brain Injury Receives $24.8M Verdict

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While working, a roofer fell through a skylight and suffered many injuries, including fractures and a traumatic brain injury. His lawyers said that his employers should have added more safety precautions at the worksite. The worker won a verdict of nearly $25 million. Attorney Kenneth Rothweiler said he was pleased with the verdict. Video Transcript: […]

Case Story: Wrongful Death of Oil Rig Worker

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All employers, including owners of oil rigs, have a responsibility to keep their workers safe. These companies have significant resources, and any lapse in safety is not acceptable. In this video, attorney Grant Lawson explains a case he handled where an oil field worker died on site. He filed a lawsuit that ended in a […]

Legal Brief: Wrongful Death Verdict on Scientology Rehab Center

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A man who was seeking treatment for a prescription drug addiction committed suicide. He was seeking treatment from rehab centers that promoted Narconon, a program with ties to Scientology. His family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the centers and won an $11 million verdict. This video features attorney Brian Chase, managing partner and senior […]

Interview: Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury

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What does life after a traumatic brain injury look like? Is it possible to recover? How will a lawsuit help? Tom Metier is a personal injury attorney based in Colorado who has helped many victims of TBI successfully recover damages. In this video, he explains what people can expect in the road ahead of them […]

Did Tiger Woods’s Restaurant Destroy Vital Video Evidence?

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When investigating a dram shop case, investigators will consider factors like: Was the customer visibly intoxicated? Was the bartender providing free drinks? Was the bartender making the drinks too strong? As such, video evidence is vital to a case involving bartender liability. This is why The Woods Jupiter, owned by Tiger Woods, is in hot […]

Injured on an Excursion: Is the Cruise Ship Liable?


What happens if you’re on a cruise, and you’re injured while ziplining, riding in a float plane, enjoying a nature hike, or some other activity promoted by the cruise line as “fun” and “safe?” John H. “Jack” Hickey is an injury attorney based in Miami. He has spent many years representing people who have been […]

Interview: Defective 3M Military Earplugs: What Went Wrong?

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Soldiers are exposed to loud, potentially damaging blasts of noises while serving in combat. For several years, soldiers were provided with earplugs that were supposed to protect their ears from damage. Several lawsuits allege that these earplugs are defective and failed to do their jobs. In this interview, Merrida Coxwell explains everything going on with […]

Interview: Spoliation of Digital Evidence

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Spoliation refers to the deletion of data or records that could be used as evidence in a trial. In modern litigation, spoliation of digital evidence is a significant concern. So what can be done if digital evidence – emails, text messages, security footage, location tracking information – suddenly goes missing? Can it be recovered? We […]

Interview: “Negligent, Careless, Outrageous”: Investigating the Boeing 737 Max 8 Crashes

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Hundreds of people have died in crashes involving the Boeing 737 MAX 8. Injury attorney Lewis S. “Mike” Eidson, who has many years of experience with international aviation litigation, says that a defective design and lack of training caused these plane crashes. Topics covered in this interview: How did the automated flight control system factor […]

Interview: Becoming One of Georgia’s Top 10 Attorneys

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With nearly four decades of experience, Kathy McArthur has had an incredible career. She was recently named one of the Top 10 Attorneys in Georgia for 2019. In this interview, she speaks candidly about the problems she faced as a young female attorney in the 1970s and 1980s, along with what inspires her to keep […]

Interview: What You Need To Do After a Tire Blowout

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Stewart Eisenberg can be reached at 888-644-4288. What happens when a tire suddenly explodes? Is it the user’s responsibility for failing to maintain the car, or could someone else be liable? As Stewart Eisenberg explains in this video interview, the tire manufacturer may at fault for tire blowouts, especially if the tread separates from the […]

How a Lawsuit Can Change Policies

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Harmful rules, policies, and laws won’t change by themselves. Only by seeking justice through the legal system can we change things for the better. In this video, Nancy Winkler describes a tragic case of a death at an assisted living facility. After the lawsuit, the facility changed how they respond to certain emergency situations, likely […]

Defective Military Earplugs? Military Vets Explore Legal Options Against 3M

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Did defective military earplugs cause hearing-related injuries to thousands of US veterans? 3M is currently facing legal action based on allegedly defective combat earplugs they made that were standard issue to military service members for several years. Now, many veterans say that they suffer from hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and balance problems because […]

Attorney Interview: Insurance Bad Faith

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We put a lot of trust into insurance companies that they will do the right thing and abide by the law and their policies. Unfortunately, many of them abuse this trust and deny coverage unfairly. That’s when you need to get a lawyer involved to make sure you get everything you’re entitled to. Stephen Nagle […]

Attorney Interview: What To Do If You’re Injured By a Product

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Being injured by a knife, gun, or “dangerous” weapon is one thing. When the injury occurs from Christmas lights, washing machines, dressers, or another type of product that isn’t supposed to hurt you, that’s when product liability laws come into play. Michael Callahan describes all the ins and outs about product liability law in this video. […]

Attorney Interview: Sharing the Road with Cyclists

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Many drivers and cyclists alike are unfamiliar with the details of cycling laws. Who is liable for a bicycle accident? What types of accidents should cyclists be on the lookout for? Fred Dudek is an injury attorney based in San Diego. He’s also an avid cyclist who participates in many local cycling activities and clubs. […]

What Does It Take for an Attorney to Win at Trial?

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Not every attorney is going to check every detail of a case like they should. Some may even disregard evidence or simply scan it.  In the case of personal injury, this can end up being the very thing that makes or breaks your case.  It could be what decides if your medical care will be […]

Betsy K. Greene – Personal Injury Attorney

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“I am so grateful for the ability to help people.” With nearly 40 years of legal experience, personal injury attorney Betsy Greene is passionate about helping people who are hurt. Personal injury cases come in all forms. She has tried over 100 jury trials throughout her career. “I am probably one of the most experienced […]