Pedestrian Accident Attorney: Helping a Victim Receive Fair Compensation

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Mike Maxwell | 888-981-0042 | Free Consult She was crossing the street when a car ran into her. The pain was severe, and it was interfering with her day-to-day life. Her main concern beyond compensation was that she didn’t want a drawn-out lawsuit—she just wanted what she was owed. Attorney Mike Maxwell made that happen […]

What To Do After a Pedestrian Accident in New Jersey

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Kathleen M. Reilly | 888-981-0027 | Free Consult “New Jersey is a no-fault state when it comes to pedestrian accidents. And what that means is no matter who is at fault for a pedestrian accident, whether you are in a car or a pedestrian, the medical bills portion of a claim is the responsibility of […]

Interview: Hurt in a New York Pedestrian Accident?

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What should you do if you’re hurt in a New York pedestrian accident? What if you’re visiting from out-of-state? How does the driver’s type of insurance affect your claim? Michael Greenspan is a personal injury attorney based in White Plains, New York. On this interview, he explains what you should do if you’re He can […]

Interview: Seeking Help for a Pedestrian Accident

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What should you do if you’re injured in a pedestrian accident? How can we — as both drivers and pedestrians — prevent the steady rise of pedestrian injuries? In this interview, JD Smith explains what you should do after a pedestrian accident injury. Smith is an attorney in Washington with the Law Office of JD […]