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What are the Time Limits to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Louisiana?

There are time limits in every state to file a personal injury lawsuit, but Louisiana has an even shorter time period called a prescription period. Watch this Louisiana attorney explain more. https://youtu.be/O-jvN-0PmhI
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Does Talc Cause Ovarian Cancer?

There is evidence to suggest that talc, and talcum powder, may be a direct cause of ovarian cancer. Any woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer who uses talcum powder products should speak to a lawyer about their legal options. There is evidence…
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Is Medical Malpractice the Cause of Hospital Infections?

Infections occur in hospitals at an alarming rate. Is this just a regular consequence of running a hospital, or is it caused by medical malpractice? https://youtu.be/l_4SWpZOlik
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When is a Drug or Medical Device Defective?

When a person is being treated for an illness, or had a medical device implanted to remedy a problem, it might not always be clear if the drug or device is defective. However, if a person suspects something with a prescription medication or…
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What is Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a progressive disease, and the chances of a full recovery are best when it is caught early. This is why a doctor's failure to diagnose breast cancer or delayed diagnosis of breast cancer is so devastating for women and their…
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When is a Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer Considered Medical Malpractice?

When a doctor fails to diagnose cancer in a timely manner, patients lose some or all of the opportunity they might have had for effective treatment. In this video, a medical malpractice lawyer explains when a doctor's failure to diagnose cancer,…
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Did a Surgical Error Harm You or a Loved One?

All surgeries have risk, so how does a person know if post-op pain or an injury is a normal aftermath of a surgery, or if a preventable mistake was made? In this video, a medical malpractice attorney explains some warning signs that something…
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Do I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

Whether an injury or death is the result of a surgical mistake or medical error will not usually be obvious without a thorough investigation. In this video, a medical malpractice attorney explains how she determines whether negligence in a hospital…
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What is Medical Malpractice in an Emergency Room?

Philadelphia lawyer Ken Rotheweiler offers an example of medical malpractice occurring in an emergency room in this video. https://youtu.be/p_O1FwuLvp8