Video Blog: Workers’ Comp for Undocumented Construction Workers

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Is it possible to obtain workers’ comp for undocumented construction workers? In this video blog, attorney Michael Greenspan explains that workers’ compensation benefits can help all workers injured on the job, including undocumented immigrants. Contact Michael Greenspan by calling 888-392-6439. Video Transcript: If you’re a worker who is injured on a construction site in New […]

What is the Restaurant Industry without Immigrants?

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A large percentage of the hospitality industry’s workforce consists of foreign-born employees. All immigrant workers have rights, and that even includes undocumented workers. Immigration attorney, Kevin L. Dixler, based in Chicago, IL, talks about undocumented worker rights and current laws. To talk to him about these issues as well as other immigration issues, such as […]

Are Immigrant Workers Aware of All Their Rights?

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Many undocumented workers live in fear. They are afraid that, if they speak up about poor conditions at work, their bosses will deport them. As immigration attorney Anuj Shah explains in this video, this doesn’t have to be the case. Undocumented workers’ rights in America are discussed in more detail in our article, Facts About […]

Undocumented Worker? Know Your Rights!

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Undocumented workers DO have rights in the workplace. Unfortunately, many are afraid to express them due to fear of deportation and retaliation. Anuj Shah is an immigration attorney. As he explains in this video, if you are facing injustice at work, you can schedule a 100 confidential meeting with an attorney. Often, these meetings lead […]

Need Help With an Immigration Issue?

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Permanent residents and people who need to adjust their immigration status need an attorney to guide them through the complex processes.