Millions Hacked in Data Breach! Is Your Information Safe?

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Brian Chase, of the law firm of Bisnar Chase in Newport Beach, California, has filed a class action lawsuit against First National Title Company and First National Financial for a massive data breach that affected millions. For more information and to see if you were affected, fill out the form on this page.  

Interview: What To Do About a Denied ERS Claim

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Texas employees can receive benefits through the Employee Retirement System, or ERS. This can cover health care, dental care, life insurance, and many other types of benefits. However, if things don’t go according to plan, you may need help with a denied ERS claim from an attorney familiar with the system. In this interview, attorney […]

Interview: What is ERISA?

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Insurance companies might sound friendly on the phone. Keep in mind that they are not your friend. They are designed to save themselves money whenever possible, even if that means leaving their claimants high and dry. Stephen Nagle is the founder of Stephen G. Nagle & Associates. He is based in Austin, TX and devotes […]

Interview: How Two Data Breaches Exposed Information for Over 912,000,000 Consumers

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Data breaches for Quest Diagnostics and First Americans compromised over 912,000,000 million consumers combined. In this interview, Brian Chase explains what you can do if you suspect that your data was breached. Topics covered in this interview: What happened with the First American and Quest Diagnostics data breaches? What sort of data was breached? How […]

Inteview: Why are Life Insurance Claims Denied?

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Why are life insurance claims denied? The insurance company may give a multitude of reasons, such as suspecting that the policyholder lied or passed away under conditions not covered by the policy. However, sometimes these decisions are made in bad faith. We spoke to Marc Whitehead, an attorney who helps people appeal denied insurance claims […]

Interview: Can I Sue My Stockbroker for Investment Losses?

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When does a stockbroker cross the line from a poor strategy to actual malpractice? We spoke to Frank Cristiano, a malpractice attorney with Cristiano Law, LLC in Denver. He explained that if your stockbroker mishandled your funds, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit to help you recover the money you lost. Call 888-392-6461 […]

Bankruptcy: Don’t Walk This Path Alone

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Bankruptcy is complicated. Don’t walk this path alone: one misstep could cost you dearly. Instead, talk to a bankruptcy attorney who offers free consultations. You can find out instantly if bankruptcy is a good option for you. They can also help you determine the next best steps for you to take. David Shuster is a […]

Debt Keeping You Awake At Night?

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Is debt keeping you awake at night? It is certainly an important issue. When you’re in debt, you have tons of questions and uncertainties nag at you at all hours. You’re not alone, however, and a bankruptcy attorney can help you a great deal. Here is an article to help you determine if a bankruptcy lawyer could […]

How Bankruptcy Can Make You a Happy Panda

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People think bankruptcy is the end of the world. As bankruptcy attorney Don Bell explains in this video, nothing is further from the truth. You can read this overview about bankruptcy options or come into his office for support. It is possible to file for bankruptcy, and here is an article to help you decide […]

How Do You Deal With Mounting Debt?

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Seeking Debt Relief Solutions? Debt is on the rise. In Texas, business bankruptcies increased by 42 percent over the last year. Student loan debt is a nationwide financial crisis. What can an individual do about mounting debt? David Shuster is a bankruptcy attorney in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area. He explains what those with […]

What Is Hidden in Electric Scooter Rental Agreements?

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Liability in E-Scooter Accidents The rise of electric scooters, or e-scooters, leaves riders with many questions. Who is liable in an accident? What happens if someone gets hurt? Can riders file a lawsuit? Betsy Greene is an injury attorney in Bloomington, Indiana. As she explains in this video, the agreements for scooter rentals like Bird and […]

Can You Save a Car from Repossession?

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If your car is under threat of repossession, or if your car was recently repossessed, you may have options to get it back. Additionally, repo men and the companies that employ them must follow strict state laws regarding this practice. Bankruptcy

What is Fraudulent Misrepresentation?

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Fraudulent misrepresentation occurs when a person or company lies to consumers about a product. In this video, attorney Curt Miner explains his work in consumer protection law: fighting back against supplement manufacturers who are misrepresenting the effectiveness and safety of their products to consumers to boost sales. At best, consumers are being tricked into purchasing […]