Interview: Determining Fault in Truck Accidents

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After a massive pile-up accident resulting from a semi-truck plowing into stopped traffic on a highway outside of Denver, the driver is facing 40 separate charges. Accidents like this leave lots of evidence amidst the wreckage. How can investigators figure out who’s fault it was based on the available evidence? We spoke to Kathy McArthur, […]

What If You’re Injured in an Intentional Car Crash?

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What happens if someone intentionally crashes into you? And how you can you prove that the car crash was intentional? Brian Chase explains that a lawyer will need to investigate several factors to determine what really happened. Transcript: So you know as a personal injury attorney the things I’m looking at and looking for when […]

6 Things To Do After a Car Accident

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Not sure what to do after a car accident? Attorney Logan Quirk breaks it down into six simple steps. Remember: the insurance company is not your friend. Transcript: These are some things you should do following the accident when the insurance company contacts you. 1: Do not admit fault. Admitting fault obviously will be detrimental […]

Interview: How Insurance Companies Mistreat Policyholders

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The insurance company’s goal is not to satisfy their policyholders. Their goal is to save money whenever possible. Logan Quirk is a personal injury attorney based in Los Angeles, California. In this interview, he explains the methods that insurance companies take to sabotage claims, as well as what injured people should keep in mind when […]

Legal Brief: Did a Defective Auto Part Cause Your Car Accident?

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Most people assume that car accidents are caused by one of the drivers involved in the wreck. The truth is that there could be much more to the story. In many cases, an investigation might reveal that a defective auto part broke, either contributing to the accident or making the resulting injuries much worse. Brian […]

Interview: What to Do After a Drunk Driving Accident

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A drunk driving accident creates confusion, stress, and frustration. No one’s truly prepared for this kind of disruption to their lives, and it’s natural for a victim to have many questions about what to do next. That’s why we spoke to someone who’s helped victims down this road many times. John H. Jack Hickey is […]

Interview: Who Can You Trust After a Car Accident?

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After you’ve been in a car accident, someone might get in touch with you offering to help. They might offer legal assistance, physical therapy, and a rental car while your vehicle is repaired. Here’s the thing: this person is not a lawyer, and they do not have your best interest in mind. In fact, it […]

Interview: Did Defective Auto Parts Cause a Car Crash?

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What can you do when something in your car malfunctions or breaks down and causes a car wreck? How do you know if it’s the owner’s fault for lack of maintenance, a repair shop for fixing something incorrectly, or a manufacturer for making a defective product? The answer: hire an expert to perform an investigation […]

Interview: What You Need To Do After a Tire Blowout

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Stewart Eisenberg can be reached at 888-644-4288. What happens when a tire suddenly explodes? Is it the user’s responsibility for failing to maintain the car, or could someone else be liable? As Stewart Eisenberg explains in this video interview, the tire manufacturer may at fault for tire blowouts, especially if the tread separates from the […]

What it Takes for an Attorney to Win Your Case

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Lawyers help people out during some of the most difficult moments of their lives. Michael Greenspan is an injury attorney based in White Plains, New York. In this video, he discusses a case he handled involving a drunk driver and the wrongful death of his client’s mother. Video Transcript: Of the cases that I’ve handled, […]

Attorney Interview: Insurance Bad Faith

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We put a lot of trust into insurance companies that they will do the right thing and abide by the law and their policies. Unfortunately, many of them abuse this trust and deny coverage unfairly. That’s when you need to get a lawyer involved to make sure you get everything you’re entitled to. Stephen Nagle […]

Damages Awarded in Georgia Car Crash Trial

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You’re not alone if you assumed that all lawyers regularly take cases to trial. The truth is that only a small percentage of attorneys are trial lawyers, and if you’re involved in a high stakes case involving several thousands of dollars, you need an attorney who’s been in the courtroom within the past year or […]

Attorney Interview: Finding a Trial Lawyer After a Car Accident

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Why should you hire a lawyer after a car accident? Can’t you handle it yourself? Also, why is it important to choose a trial lawyer… aren’t all lawyers trial lawyers? Kathy McArthur is a personal injury attorney based in Georgia. In this interview, she explains why you should make sure that you choose an attorney […]

How an Experienced Attorney Wins Car Crash Cases

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Attorneys are essential for your car accident claim. Even in cases that seem open-and-shut, you need an attorney on your side to prove the truth of the matter. You can expect pushback from the insurance company, no matter what the situation is. In this video, Ruth Bernstein explains how she went the extra mile for […]

Are Trucking Regulations Keeping You Safe?

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More trucks are on the road now than ever in an economic boom and trucking regulations are being relaxed. Will this cause more accidents involving innocent passenger cars? The truth is that it likely will, and therefore, it is even more important to know how to protect yourself if a truck accident happens. Indiana truck […]

What Kind of Experience Should My Attorney Have?

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What Is Hidden in Electric Scooter Rental Agreements?

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Liability in E-Scooter Accidents The rise of electric scooters, or e-scooters, leaves riders with many questions. Who is liable in an accident? What happens if someone gets hurt? Can riders file a lawsuit? Betsy Greene is an injury attorney in Bloomington, Indiana. As she explains in this video, the agreements for scooter rentals like Bird and […]

Should Injured Elderly Seek Specialized Representation?

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How One Injured Elderly Woman Sought Justice An 89-year-old woman was injured in a crash, and it completely changed her life. However, the insurance company refused to comply, saying that according to her medical records, she was completely fine. In court, her lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey successfully argued that this was not the case. […]