Consequences of Distracted Driving

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Attorney Gregory Herrman | 888-981-1283 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless You Win Corpus Christi is amplifying the consequences of distracted driving to help save lives. After a serious car accident, an attorney can investigate to determine if distracted driving played a role in the crash. Gregory Herrman is a personal injury attorney with […]

What Is The Insurance Claim Process After a Car Accident?

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Eric Fong | 888-623-7366 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless You Win The insurance claim process after a car accident can be confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating. One wrong move can be devastating to the victim. It’s important to understand the right way to proceed after a serious car accident. To learn more, we spoke […]

Hit By an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver?

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Attorney JD Smith | 888-981-0015 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless You Win Over 10 percent of drivers on the road have no insurance. If you’re hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver, you need an experienced attorney to help you recover financially. JD Smith is a car accident attorney in Seattle with the […]

$53 Million for Victim of Defective Car Seatback Injury

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Attorney John Romano | 888-981-1050 | FREE Consult A defective car seatback failed to stay upright. This auto defect led to a mother’s traumatic brain injury. Attorney John Romano helped the family recover compensation, but the injury never should have happened. John Romano is a personal injury lawyer based in West Palm Beach, Florida. There […]

Hurt in a Rideshare Car Accident?

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Kathy McArthur | 888-511-3130 | FREE Consult If you’re hurt in a rideshare car accident, you need to contact an attorney immediately to determine what you should do next. Lyft or Uber might be liable for a car accident, but the only way you can find out is if an attorney performs an investigation. To […]

Hurt in a Houston Drunk Driving Accident?

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Attorney Ben Dominguez | 888-981-5244 | FREE Consult For residents of Houston, drunk driving is a serious risk on the road, especially after the bars close on weekend nights. If you or a loved one were hit by a drunk driver, call an attorney immediately to learn more about your legal rights for obtaining compensation. […]

Hit by an Uninsured Driver? It’s More Likely Than You Think

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Attorney Michael Trauscht | 888-334-0330 | Free Consult Attorney Michael Trauscht says that up to 50 percent of drivers in his state of Arizona have no insurance. Unless you take specific protections now, you could be facing an uphill battle if you’re severely injured in a car accident with a driver who has no insurance. […]

How An Injury Attorney Helped a Family Recover $15 Million After Fatal Car Accident

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Tragedy struck on a day that was supposed to be filled with joy. As they were heading from a wedding to the reception, a car carrying the best man and two bridesmaids was stopped at a red light when it was struck from behind by a car going over 70 mph. The two bridesmaids sustained […]

Case Story: Brain Injury Caused by Drunk Driving

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When an employee becomes intoxicated while in the scope of their employment and go on to cause a drunk driving accident, the company could be held liable. This is what happened in the case described by attorney Claude Wyle of Choulos Choulos and Wyle. His client sustained a brain injury caused by drunk driving and […]

Legal Brief: Road Designers Found Liable for Car Accident

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If car accidents routinely happen on the same part of the road, there is a chance that the designers of the road could be liable for those accidents. In this video, attorney Richard Kenny explains how his firm’s investigation led to a victim receiving a $13 million verdict. It also led to the redesign of […]

Case Story: Defective Auto Parts Cause TBI

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In this video, attorney John Romano explains a case he handled where the seatbacks in a car failed, leading to a brain injury for one of the passengers. When the victim eventually received her Master’s degree, the defense tried to use this as evidence against the severity of the injury. Contact the attorney directly: 888-981-1050 […]

Interview: Georgia Texting While Driving Laws

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According to Georgia texting while driving laws, are you allowed to use your phone while behind the wheel? What are the consequences and penalties? What happens if you’re involved in a car accident, and you suspect the other driver was checking their phone when the accident occurred? We spoke to car accident attorney Kathy McArthur […]

Interview: Drunk Driving Accidents

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Every 50 minutes, someone in the United States dies in a drunk driving accident. The families left behind after these tragic accidents feel lost, angry, and confused about what to do next. In this interview with attorney Trent Shuping, we discuss drunk driving accidents and what victims need to do after they occur. Contact Trent […]

Did Tiger Woods’s Restaurant Destroy Vital Video Evidence?

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When investigating a dram shop case, investigators will consider factors like: Was the customer visibly intoxicated? Was the bartender providing free drinks? Was the bartender making the drinks too strong? As such, video evidence is vital to a case involving bartender liability. This is why The Woods Jupiter, owned by Tiger Woods, is in hot […]

Interview: What Should I Do After an Uber or Lyft Car Accident?

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Whether you’re a passenger or driver, there’s a certain way to handle an Uber or Lyft car accident. In this interview, Alex Tofer explains what you should do in the aftermath of a Lyft or Uber car accident. Alex Tofer is the managing attorney and the founding president of Tofer and Associates, PLC. To learn […]

Interview: Avoid These 7 Fatal Mistakes after a Car Crash

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Gregory Herrman‘s law firm has overseen more than 20,000 car accident cases. Throughout his years of experience, he’s determined what victims of car crashes should NOT do in the aftermath of an accident. The 7 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Crash: Mistake #1: Not calling the police or 911 Mistake #2: Not seeking […]

Interview: Everything You Need to Do After a Car Accident

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The steps you take after a car accident can have a significant impact on the days to come. In this video, attorney Logan Quirk explains everything you need to do after a car accident. Topics include: What should people do after they’re involved in a car wreck? What is the insurance companies’ main priority? Should […]

Interview: Determining Fault in Truck Accidents

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After a massive pile-up accident resulting from a semi-truck plowing into stopped traffic on a highway outside of Denver, the driver is facing 40 separate charges. Accidents like this leave lots of evidence amidst the wreckage. How can investigators figure out who’s fault it was based on the available evidence? We spoke to Kathy McArthur, […]