Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer: What to Do After TBI

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Logan Quirk | 888-981-1320 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless You Win “Any injury to the brain is traumatic.” Logan Quirk is a traumatic brain injury lawyer based in Los Angeles, California. In this video, he explains the basics of traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs. If you or a loved one is suffering from […]

The Supreme Court Case That Helped Utah Families with Injured Children

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Attorney John Romano | 888-981-1050 | FREE Consult It was a lawsuit that made its way to the Utah Supreme Court and ultimately opened up a new path for families hurt by the death or severe injury of a child. It began in a high school theater. A 14-year-old student was told to change the […]

Case Story: Brain Injury Caused by Drunk Driving

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When an employee becomes intoxicated while in the scope of their employment and go on to cause a drunk driving accident, the company could be held liable. This is what happened in the case described by attorney Claude Wyle of Choulos Choulos and Wyle. His client sustained a brain injury caused by drunk driving and […]