Can Car Insurance Help After a Bike Accident?

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Aaron Allison | 888-300-1476 | Free Consult Can car insurance help after a bike accident? You may be searching for help covering costs related to a bike accident. The good news is, your car insurance might be able to help. As Aaron Allison explains in this video, your insurance policy follows you, not your car. […]

San Francisco Bike Accident: Do You Need a Lawyer?

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Attorney Claude Wyle | 888-981-0826 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless We Win “You will need a lawyer who knows their way around the dynamics of bicycle collisions. The dynamics of bicycle collisions are very different from car collisions or pedestrian collisions….You need a specialist who knows their way around [the legal ramifications].” Bicyclists […]

Traffic Safety Tips for Cyclists

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Cyclists face many dangers on the road. Most of them are caused by drivers who aren’t keeping an eye out for bicycles. In this video, experienced cyclist and injury attorney Frederick Dudek explains some essential traffic safety tips for cyclists. To learn more about what to do after a cycling accident, contact Fred Dudek directly […]