What is the Fresh Start Bankruptcy Program?

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Attorney David Shuster | 888-365-0921 | Schedule Your Consult Today “It’s a simple question of how much money do you make. So you’d be surprised, and you definitely want to talk to an attorney about that.” Through a fresh start bankruptcy program, you can get rid of unwanted debt and start rebuilding your finances on […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Exemptions: What Property Can You Keep?

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Attorney David Shuster | 888-365-0921 | Schedule Your Consult Today If you’re filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, what types of property are you allowed to keep? David Shuster is a debt relief attorney with Shuster Law, PLLC in the Dallas—Fort Worth area. In this Quick Question, he explains important information about Chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions, […]

Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Lawsuits: What Are My Legal Options?

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Attorney Stewart Eisenberg | 888-644-4288 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless We Win With the help of attorney Stewart Eisenberg, over 1,300 survivors have sought recovery by filing Boy Scouts sexual abuse lawsuits. Several states have relaxed their statute of limitation laws to allow survivors to seek justice against their abusers. It’s not too […]

Being Sued for Debt in Texas?

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Attorney David Shuster | 888-365-0921 | Call Now For Answers If you’re being sued for debt in Texas, you need to contact an attorney right away. You have a very limited amount of time to respond. With an attorney’s help, you can buy yourself more time. You can also explore ways to reduce the amount […]

If You File Bankruptcy, Will You Lose Your Car?

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Attorney David Shuster | 888-365-0921 | Get Answers NOW It’s one of the most frequently asked questions about debt and bankruptcy: if you file bankruptcy, will you lose your car? The answer, according to bankruptcy attorney David Shuster, is no. He specifies that every situation is different, but in most cases, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows […]

Interview: Debt From MLM Expenses

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Multi-level marketing organizations, or MLMs, make big promises to those who join up looking to make some cash. For many entrepreneurs, it’s a struggle to find financial success. This is even worse for those who paid a lot of money up-front for classes, supplies, and inventory. What options are available to those who have significant […]

Interview: Is Debt Settlement Right For You?

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Debt settlement is one solution for overcoming your financial stresses. Is it the right solution for you? In this interview with David Shuster, he explains that debt settlement can be a good solution for many people in debt. He warns to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate organization/professional. David can be reached at 888-365-0921. […]

Interview: What Happens When You File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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What happens when you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy? In this video, bankruptcy lawyer David Shuster explains what you can expect if you’re considering filing for Chapter 7. Topics covered in this video: Why is there a stigma against filing for bankruptcy? How do people feel after their first meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer? How […]

Video Blog: Can Bankruptcy Discharge Student Loans?

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Can bankruptcy discharge student loans? As bankruptcy attorney David Shuster explains, generally no. However, bankruptcy can help alleviate other forms of debt for those struggling with other types of financial burdens. Video Transcript: Student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy as a general rule. There are some circumstances where you can get a discharge if […]

Interview: Boy Scouts Bankruptcy and Sexual Abuse Claims

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What’s happening with the Boy Scouts bankruptcy and sexual abuse claims? We spoke with attorney Stewart Eisenberg to learn more about the options available for Boy Scouts who have suffered abuse from scout masters. He explained how a pending bankruptcy filing by the Boy Scouts of America could affect these claims. Topics covered in this […]

Attorney Interview: What Happens If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes?

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David Shuster can be contacted at 888-365-0921. Let’s say you’re doing your taxes, you find out how much you owe, and you realize that you can’t possibly pay that much money. So what can you do? David Shuster is a bankruptcy attorney who finds debt relief solutions for his clients in Texas. In this video, […]

Bankruptcy: Don’t Walk This Path Alone

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Bankruptcy is complicated. Don’t walk this path alone: one misstep could cost you dearly. Instead, talk to a bankruptcy attorney who offers free consultations. You can find out instantly if bankruptcy is a good option for you. They can also help you determine the next best steps for you to take. David Shuster is a […]

Debt Keeping You Awake At Night?

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Is debt keeping you awake at night? It is certainly an important issue. When you’re in debt, you have tons of questions and uncertainties nag at you at all hours. You’re not alone, however, and a bankruptcy attorney can help you a great deal. Here is an article to help you determine if a bankruptcy lawyer could […]

How Bankruptcy Can Make You a Happy Panda

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People think bankruptcy is the end of the world. As bankruptcy attorney Don Bell explains in this video, nothing is further from the truth. You can read this overview about bankruptcy options or come into his office for support. It is possible to file for bankruptcy, and here is an article to help you decide […]

How Do You Deal With Mounting Debt?

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Seeking Debt Relief Solutions? Debt is on the rise. In Texas, business bankruptcies increased by 42 percent over the last year. Student loan debt is a nationwide financial crisis. What can an individual do about mounting debt? David Shuster is a bankruptcy attorney in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area. He explains what those with […]

Can You Save a Car from Repossession?

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If your car is under threat of repossession, or if your car was recently repossessed, you may have options to get it back. Additionally, repo men and the companies that employ them must follow strict state laws regarding this practice. Bankruptcy