Interview: Determining Fault in Truck Accidents


After a massive pile-up accident resulting from a semi-truck plowing into stopped traffic on a highway outside of Denver, the driver is facing 40 separate charges. Accidents like this leave lots of evidence amidst the wreckage. How can investigators figure out who’s fault it was based on the available evidence? We spoke to Kathy McArthur, […]

Interview: “Negligent, Careless, Outrageous”: Investigating the Boeing 737 Max 8 Crashes

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Hundreds of people have died in crashes involving the Boeing 737 MAX 8. Injury attorney Lewis S. “Mike” Eidson, who has many years of experience with international aviation litigation, says that a defective design and lack of training caused these plane crashes. Topics covered in this interview: How did the automated flight control system factor […]

How Does Bankruptcy Affect a Tax Refund?


How does bankruptcy affect a tax refund? You definitely want to let your attorney know if you are filing for bankruptcy around tax time. David Shuster says that it is an important factor to consider. Transcript: Well this is tax time and so if you are expecting a tax refund you definitely want to let […]

What If You’re Injured in an Intentional Car Crash?

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What happens if someone intentionally crashes into you? And how you can you prove that the car crash was intentional? Brian Chase explains that a lawyer will need to investigate several factors to determine what really happened. Transcript: So you know as a personal injury attorney the things I’m looking at and looking for when […]

Conversation with attorney Brian Chase about the Johnson & Johnson ovarian cancer lawsuits

Interview: Johnson & Johnson Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

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What’s happening with the Johnson & Johnson ovarian cancer lawsuits? Many women have filed product liability suits against the pharmaceutical company. They claim that its baby powder product caused the development of ovarian cancer. Many of these lawsuits were filed on behalf of women who have since passed away. The product is still on shelves […]

6 Things To Do After a Car Accident

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Not sure what to do after a car accident? Attorney Logan Quirk breaks it down into six simple steps. Remember: the insurance company is not your friend. Transcript: These are some things you should do following the accident when the insurance company contacts you. 1: Do not admit fault. Admitting fault obviously will be detrimental […]

What If Your Disability Insurance is Denied?


What should you do if your disability insurance is denied? Marc Whitehead is a disability insurance attorney in Texas who handles claims nationwide. He says you should immediately consult a professional to learn about your rights and options. Video Transcript: One of the most common things that happens in our practices is clients will come […]

When a Doctor Fails to Diagnose Cancer


What if a doctor fails to diagnose cancer, and the patient dies as a result? Frank Cristiano explains that it could be considered grounds for a medical malpractice or wrongful death lawsuit. Transcript: Cancer is obviously a very serious condition that can cause horrible consequences and oftentimes is fatal. However if detected early your chances […]

Inteview: Why are Life Insurance Claims Denied?

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Why are life insurance claims denied? The insurance company may give a multitude of reasons, such as suspecting that the policyholder lied or passed away under conditions not covered by the policy. However, sometimes these decisions are made in bad faith. We spoke to Marc Whitehead, an attorney who helps people appeal denied insurance claims […]

Interview: How Insurance Companies Mistreat Policyholders

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The insurance company’s goal is not to satisfy their policyholders. Their goal is to save money whenever possible. Logan Quirk is a personal injury attorney based in Los Angeles, California. In this interview, he explains the methods that insurance companies take to sabotage claims, as well as what injured people should keep in mind when […]

Interview: Can I Sue My Stockbroker for Investment Losses?

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When does a stockbroker cross the line from a poor strategy to actual malpractice? We spoke to Frank Cristiano, a malpractice attorney with Cristiano Law, LLC in Denver. He explained that if your stockbroker mishandled your funds, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit to help you recover the money you lost. Call 888-392-6461 […]

Interview: Texas Motorcycle Laws Every Rider Needs to Know

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Gregory Herrman is a motorcycle accident attorney based in Corpus Christi, Texas. Throughout his career, he has helped many victims of motorcycle crashes recover from their damages and losses. In this interview, he explains how motorcyclists can stay safe on the road, what kind of insurance they need, little known facts about the law, and […]

Bankruptcy: Are Student Loans Dischargeable?

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Are Student Loans Dischargeable in Bankruptcy? Student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy as a general rule. There are some circumstances where you can get a discharge if you have an extreme hardship. It’s different jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Depends on the state in which you file. But currently there is a problem with student loan […]

Interview: How to Save Money in Divorce

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One of the biggest areas of concern for anyone going through a divorce is how it will affect your finances. Hiring a divorce attorney is not cheap, and if you go about things the wrong way, it could lead to financial disaster. Kelli Hooper is a divorce attorney in the Atlanta area. In this interview, […]

Legal Brief: Overwhelmed with Fiduciary Duties?

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For many fiduciaries (a.k.a trustees, executors, or administrators), this is their first foray into the complex field of probate litigation. Many become stressed and overwhelmed keeping on track of finances, valuations, taxes, and all other related matters. Charles Triay, a probate litigation attorney, strongly urges that anyone feeling overwhelmed by this area of law contact […]

Interview: Veteran Disability Benefits Denied?

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If you’re a veteran, you can seek disability benefits, better known as VA compensation. However, this process is complicated, and often requires a legal professional to help guide you through it. There are plenty of traps to fall into and mistakes to make if you’re not familiar with the process. Marc Whitehead is a disability […]

Interview: Medical Malpractice vs Failed Procedure

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There’s a big difference between medical malpractice and a failed procedure. If a surgery, operation, or other form of treatment doesn’t have the desired effect, this may not necessarily be grounds to file a lawsuit. However, if the medical team deviates from the normal standard of care, or otherwise makes a serious error, then the […]

Interview: What to Do After a Drunk Driving Accident

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A drunk driving accident creates confusion, stress, and frustration. No one’s truly prepared for this kind of disruption to their lives, and it’s natural for a victim to have many questions about what to do next. That’s why we spoke to someone who’s helped victims down this road many times. John H. Jack Hickey is […]