Court Hears Testimony of Juvenile Mass Murderer to Determine if He Should be Tried as an Adult

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In the aftermath of the horrific mass killing spree at Parkland High School, American’s are facing a slew of questions, including how to prevent more child murders by juvenile mass shooters.  The Florida shooting happened while South Carolina has already been in the midst of dealing with its own school shooting.   On September 28, […]

Is Testosterone Therapy Safe for My Heart?


As men grow older, hormone fluctuations could cause fatigue, lower libido, depression and other symptoms. Despite documented health risks, aggressive marketing campaigns have encouraged the notion that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a “cure-all” for the effects of normal aging. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched an investigation into testosterone therapy after receiving […]

Testosterone Exposure in Women and Children

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Despite the growing popularity of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), many doctors are striving to warn consumers about the drug’s numerous health risks. Many know how the drug affects men, but few are aware that women and children can also be affected by testosterone exposure. Many TRT products are meant to be absorbed through the skin, […]

Three Injured in Rosinville Logging Truck Crash


According to NBC 2 in Mt. Pleasant, recently, there was a logging truck crash in Rosinville at the intersection of Highways 15 and 178. The collision happened around 8:15 a.m. and involved a pickup truck. The resulting wreckage left three people trapped. The South Carolina Highway Patrol and Dorchester County Fire and Rescue had to […]

Thinking about Testosterone Replacement Therapy?


Products like Androgel have started a new market for testosterone replacement therapy, promising older men that they will feel more energy, have a higher sex drive and retain more muscle tone. While drug companies are confident doctors remain skeptical, cautioning that testosterone might carry some health risks. According to studies, older men taking testosterone are […]

SC Supreme Court Overules Haley’s Veto


South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley cut the funding of the Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Certificate of Need program, which requires hospitals to seek permission before expanding or purchasing new equipment. Haley claimed that the bureaucratic program stifled economic growth. However, her action merely plunged the hospitals into a confusing state of limbo that […]

Victim of Dorn Backlog Testifies Before VA


A victim of the notorious Dorn VA Medical Center backlog recently testified before a panel of VA officials. From 2011 to 2012, over 4,000 patients’ diagnoses and treatments were backlogged. The veteran testifying complained of rectal pain and repeatedly requested a colonoscopy but was only given constipation medication and pain killers. After consulting with doctors […]

Why Does South Carolina Have Such a High C-Section Rate?

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South Carolina doctors fear the costs of expensive medical malpractice suits tied to birth complications. In May of 2013, Spartanburg Regional Hospital was sued for $2.5 million for birth complications taking place nearly ten years ago. As such, most opt to perform C-sections over natural births because they feel that complications are less likely and […]

South Carolina Legislature Considers New Texting While Driving Laws

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Three bills under review in the South Carolina legislature hope to extend the scope of previous municipal ordinances prohibiting texting while driving. Two of the bills will ban texting while driving entirely and the third will ban all cell phone use in a school zone. “The school zone [bill] was because I had a law […]