Vidant Medical Center Penalized for Infection Rates

Photo of doctors performing surgeryA 60-year-old woman from Greenville sustained a massive infection and had to be placed in a medically induced coma after a surgeon pierced her bowel during a hernia operation. After her surgery, doctors did not notice the infection for several days.

Starting in October, Vidant Medical Center and hundreds of other hospitals will lose one percent of every Medicare payment they receive. The year-long penalty is part of a national crackdown on patient care to encourage hospitals to prioritize patient safety.

Medicare uses dozens of metrics, including bedsores, hip fractures, and medication errors, to determine which hospitals are giving the best care. The government agency also considers the infection rate for patients receiving intravenous treatment and patients using catheters.

Critics of the law believe that some hospitals could be at an unfair disadvantage, including academic centers and hospitals serving a higher volume of patients. Others believe that hospitals trying to be vigilant could be penalized for reporting higher rates.


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North Carolina Mother Petitions For Tractor-Trailer Policy Change

“There’s not a day that I don’t long for them,” said a North Carolina mother who lost both of her daughters in an accident caused by a tractor-trailer. She has since taken up the cause of petitioning for policy changes within the U.S. Department of Transportation to ensure that her experience is never repeated. “Every day that it gets put off and something doesn’t get done about it, then how many more lives are lost?” she said. “That’s why we’re doing this. Because we don’t want other families to face what we had to go through.”

Her petition requests a raise in the minimum insurance levels for truck drivers, the addition of electronic logging devices and stronger guards preventing other vehicles from slipping under. The petition runs until April 30.

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Brain Injuries Increase The Likelihood Of Depression In Children

According to the AAP, Dr. Matthew C. Wylie’s latest study is “the largest [study] to look at an association between brain injury and depression in children and adolescents.” The study, entitled “Depression In Children Diagnosed With Brain Injury Or Concussion,” found that 15 percent of children with brain injuries were also diagnosed with depression. Furthermore, children with brain injuries were twice as likely to develop depression later on in life.

Impacts to the head can severely damage the neural regions necessary for emotional regulation and reasoning. Furthermore, adolescence is an emotionally unstable time to begin with and children with brain injuries may find themselves less neurologically equipped to deal with it.

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Left Turns Made By Vehicles Are One Of The Most Dangerous Maneuvers For Motorcyclists

Because they have no barrier between them and the hazard they make contact with, motorcyclists are exposed to more dangers on the road, which is why they are more likely to endure fatal accidents. Although any accident involving a motorcyclist puts him or her in extreme danger, accidents in which a vehicle pulls out in front of an oncoming motorcyclist are one of the most hazardous.

WNCN reported about a story from Huntersville, NC, in which a Chevy Trailblazer was turning left in front of an oncoming motorcyclist, causing the rider to put the motorcycle on its side and crash into the passenger side of the Trailblazer. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene, and the driver of the Trailblazer was charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle and failure to yield right of way.

Running a motorcycle into the side of a vehicle is similar to running into a concrete wall, and even when a motorcyclist is wearing a helmet and other safety gear, the kinetic energy is usually too great for it to provide adequate protection. If a negligent driver has injured you while riding on a motorcycle, give our Greenville injury attorneys a call today at (252) 353-1200 to speak with an attorney who has the knowledge and resources to represent injured bikers.

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