vermont car accident

Never Flee the Scene of an Accident

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Never flee the scene of the accident. There is an element of fear behind hit and runs; no one wants to get “caught.” However, trying to flee can only make things much, much worse. Such was the case in a recent accident in Hoboken, NJ, involving a 66-year-old driver, a collision into a building, and […]

New York Man Files Medical Malpractice Suit for IVC Filter Blood Clots

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Medical malpractice law is a subset of personal injury law: someone wrongfully injured you, it just happens to involve a doctor’s office, hospital, or pharmacist. Legally that medical establishment may be liable for damages, whatever they may be. This is the case for one New York resident by the name of Ivan C. (claimant) who […]

net neutrality

California Joins Battle to Salvage Net Neutrality

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Recently New York and Montana have chosen to resist the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repeal of net neutrality, and now California is joining their ranks as the state legislature with a potential law that is closer than the others to reinstating net neutrality.  It directly defies the FCC ruling by forcing ISPs to follow net […]

alabama wage and hour law

What Should I Do If I Experience Gender Discrimination at Work?


According to Reuters, two former female employees of Goldman Sachs have filed a lawsuit against the bank for gender discrimination and are seeking class action status for the case. The news outlet reported that the case is seeking status on behalf of all female associates and vice-presidents in the company’s investment bank, investment management and […]

Can I Get a Divorce Without a ‘Get’?


An Orthodox Jewish woman has launched a social media campaign to help her obtain a ‘get,’ or religious divorce from her husband. According to CBS New York, Rivky Stein has created a Facebook page in which she accuses her husband of emotional and physical abuse, including raping and beating her, while she was pregnant. The […]

Teacher Charged in DUI Crash that Critically Injures Police Officer


A Lodi High School teacher in New Jersey was charged last month in connection to a drunk driving accident that left a Bergen County police officer critically injured. reported that Michael Ettz, 36, a math teacher and coach, has been charged with aggravated assault, driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident […]

Who Is Responsible For Student Loan Debt Following a Divorce?

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The Wall Street Journal reported recently that college students and alumni are now more in debt than ever because of student loans, with students who earned bachelor’s degrees in 2012 having an outstanding loan balance of $29,400. Those with advanced degrees have even more. This leaves some people facing an interesting question: Who is responsible […]

Man Dies in NYC Scaffolding Accident


A construction worker fell to his death in a scaffolding accident in Midtown NYC on April 2. According to CBS New York, the accident occurred around the Dream Hotel, at 210 W. 55th St., near Broadway. The Department of Buildings told CBS that the victim was allegedly working on the façade of the building at […]

Former Olympian Johnny Weir Involved in Bitter Divorce Battle

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Former Olympic figure skater and color commentator Johnny Weir and his husband are involved in a tumultuous divorce battle. According to, the couple, who have reportedly vacated their Lyndhurst, N.J. home, have filed pleadings before the court disputing ownership of assets, personal property and custody of their pets. It has also been reported that […]

Can a company be sued for libelous statements posted on its computer bulletin board?

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An anonymous user of a computer bulletin board posted defamatory statements about a securities investment banking firm. The statements claimed that the firm’s president had engaged in fraudulent and criminal conduct concerning a particular offering, and that the firm consisted of a “cult of brokers who either lie for a living or get fired.” The […]