Should I Get A Divorce?

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Deciding whether or not to get a divorce is a difficult decision—one that can bring significant emotional, physical, and financial upheaval. Below, you will find some common warning signs of divorce, and ways through which potential problems may be resolved. Warning Sign #1: You and your partner lack communication in your relationship. This is often […]

Divorce and Coronavirus: My Ex Won’t Let Me See My Kid

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Attorney Chaim Steinberger | 888-981-0039 | Schedule Your Consult Today “Parents should remember that the pandemic will come to an end and everything they do during this time will be reviewed, will be brought to a court’s attention and I’ve got to tell you, I’ve got to imagine if a court thinks that one parent […]

How to Handle Child Visitations During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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Attorney Chaim Steinberger | 888-981-0039 | Schedule Your Consult Today Divorced parents: do you know how to handle child visitation rights during the coronavirus pandemic? This Legal Brief features Chaim Steinberger, a family law attorney with Chaim Steinberger, P.C, based in New York. He explains that parents should not use this as an opportunity to […]

Father’s Rights: What to Do About Parental Alienation

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Divorce Attorney Chaim Steinberger | 888-981-0039 | Schedule Your Consult Today “Do you hate him more than you love your child? If you love your child more than you hate your ex, you will let your child have a… strong, ongoing, reliable relationship with the father.” Parental alienation occurs when one parent turns a child […]

Dividing Business Assets in Divorce

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Attorney Chaim Steinberger | 888-981-0039 | Schedule Your Consult Today “I tell people the two things you hope never to need is a doctor and a lawyer, but if you need, you need the best you can afford. ‘Cause a bad doctor and a bad lawyer is worse than no doctor and no lawyer.” Divorce […]

Injured Construction Worker: What To Do After an On-Site Accident

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Michael Greenspan | 888-392-6439 | Free Consult If you’re an injured construction worker involved in an on-site accident, what are the most important things to keep in mind as you seek medical care and legal recompense? This Quick Question features Michael Greenspan, a personal injury attorney based in White Plains, New York. To learn more, […]

Why Have 150 Construction Workers Sued Hudson Yards?

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On November 11, 2019, scaffolding on the 18th floor of an in-progress Hudson Yards New York City skyscraper collapsed. Two workers who were on the scaffolding were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries alongside two other injured workers. New York City’s Department of Buildings ordered a temporary work stoppage for the skyscraper […]


How Poor Road Design Causes Car Accidents

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There are many factors that can cause car accidents: drunk driving, icy roads, texting while driving, or a defect in the car, just to name a few. But did you know that the road itself could also be the cause of the accident? Poor road design is a form of negligence that can have serious […]

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Never Flee the Scene of an Accident

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Never flee the scene of the accident. There is an element of fear behind hit and runs; no one wants to get “caught.” However, trying to flee can only make things much, much worse. Such was the case in a recent accident in Hoboken, NJ, involving a 66-year-old driver, a collision into a building, and […]

Are Lyft and Uber E-Bikes Safe?

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E-bikes are becoming a more popular form of transportation. But are these popular vehicles safe? That, sadly, may be a resounding NO if Lyft and Uber don’t take some active responsibility and implement measures to ensure e-bikes do what they’re supposed to do. If they do not, we may end up looking at more and […]

Attorney Fees for Personal Injury Cases

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How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer? You might be wondering if you need to pay a retainer to obtain the services of a personal injury attorney. A retainer is what you would pay an attorney if hiring for a case before you even see any results. Pretty typical, yes, but […]

Do NOT Trust This Person After a Car Accident

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The person you should not trust after a car accident is called a runner. It may seem like they are offering a helpful service, but the truth is, they are breaking the law. What Are “Runners”? A legal “runner” is someone who targets a particular personal injury victim in the hopes of obtaining contact information, […]

What are Non-Economic Damages?

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In personal injury law, non-economic damages are costs that have no direct corollary to expenses, or bills, or property damages that would require repair or replacement. Instead, they refer to damages and losses that are harder to put a price on. Compensation for Your Non-Financial Losses First, let’s start by defining economic damages. These are […]

What it Takes for an Attorney to Win Your Case

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Lawyers help people out during some of the most difficult moments of their lives. Michael Greenspan is an injury attorney based in White Plains, New York. In this video, he discusses a case he handled involving a drunk driver and the wrongful death of his client’s mother. Video Transcript: Of the cases that I’ve handled, […]

New York Man Files Medical Malpractice Suit for IVC Filter Blood Clots

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Medical malpractice law is a subset of personal injury law: someone wrongfully injured you, it just happens to involve a doctor’s office, hospital, or pharmacist. Legally that medical establishment may be liable for damages, whatever they may be. This is the case for one New York resident by the name of Ivan C. (claimant) who […]

Motorcycle Helmets, Are They Really Necessary?

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Every motorcyclist knows the incredible and exhilarating feeling you get from riding out on the open road on a gorgeous day. USA Today has reported that there are 8.5 million registered motorcyclists out there across America, and around 14% are women. Riding is fun, it is empowering, and it much easier on the pocketbook when […]

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What Are the Different Types of Personal Injury Cases?

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Since people are injured in a lot of different ways, there are different types of personal injury cases. Personal injury is a legal practice that covers a variety of different causes for injury. With that said, there is also quite a range for how much someone can win in a personal injury case. The spectrum […]

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California Joins Battle to Salvage Net Neutrality

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Recently New York and Montana have chosen to resist the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repeal of net neutrality, and now California is joining their ranks as the state legislature with a potential law that is closer than the others to reinstating net neutrality.  It directly defies the FCC ruling by forcing ISPs to follow net […]