Is Your Boat Ready to Ride? A Spring Boating Safety Checklist

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Given we’re heading into Spring and the weather’s warming up, you can bet many are polishing their boats, bikes and more to enjoy the sunlight. With that transition, of course, comes the potential for accidents, breakdowns and more calamities that could otherwise ruin anyone’s boating season. That’s why we’ve prepared this checklist to make sure […]

Tugboat May Have Been Without a Licensed Captain When It Hit a Louisiana Bridge


A towboat transporting a crane that struck a bridge might not have had a licensed captain onboard, according to a report in the March 2014 Professional Mariner. According to the report, on October 25, the towboat was traveling west on the Harvey Canal, pushing multiple barges, when a crane on one of the barges struck […]

Worker Suffers Head Injury in Portland Shipyard Accident


A March 29 accident aboard a large ship in dry dock left a Portland shipyard worker with severe head injuries, according to The Portland Fire & Rescue Technical Rescue Team, which responded to the scene, said it was unclear whether the man fell down the stairs or was injured in some other way. Despite […]