Not Guilty Plea Request Denied by Attorney, Death Row Inmate Fights Back

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In Bossier City, Louisiana, a man that has maintained a claim of innocence has been put on death row for shooting and killing his mother, stepfather, and son of his separated wife in 2008.  The thing is, ever since he was detained and put on trial, Robert McCoy maintained that he is innocent and that […]

Louisiana Middle School Facing Budgetary Concerns Due to Asbestos Removal

A Central, Louisiana middle school has to deal with budgetary concerns raised by asbestos removal. According to CBS WAFB 9 in Baton Rouge, the demolition of 70-year-old Central Middle School, a project that has been in the works for a while, has run into a roadblock recently, because asbestos was discovered in the building, and […]

Depakote Lawsuit Settled For $9.5 Million


Depakote manufacturer Abbott Laboratories has agreed to a $9.5 million settlement with the state of Louisiana over allegations of Medicaid fraud. According to the Washington Examiner, the state filed a lawsuit in 2011 against Abbott, saying it mis-branded the anti-epileptic medication and promoted the drug to control agitation and aggression in elderly dementia patients without […]

Photo of mesothelioma X-ray

$7.25 Million Awarded to Mesothelioma Victim in Asbestos Suit


According to the Washington Examiner, on March 13, the family of a man who died of mesothelioma was awarded $7.25 million by a Philadelphia County jury. After being diagnosed with mesothelioma in January 2010, the man alleged that while working on Navy ships at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard from 1965 to 1970 he was exposed […]

Louisiana House Passes Bill Restricting Mesothelioma Cases


According to The Times-Picayune, after a committee of state representatives approved a bill that would place venue restrictions on latent disease litigation, such as mesothelioma lawsuits, it was sent to the full Louisiana House of Representatives, where it was passed on April 9. The bill now heads to a Senate committee for approval. If the […]

Two Men Headed to Prison After Exposing High School Students to Asbestos


According to a March 31 report in the Merced Sun-Star, after exposing Merced County high school students to asbestos, two men have been sentenced to prison. The men were executives at Firm Build, a now defunct nonprofit organization, which was contracted by the Mercer County Office of Education to provide job training to high school […]

Families in Louisiana Still Battling Chinese Drywall Years After Hurricane Katrina


Eight and a half years after Hurricane Katrina, some flooding victims are still not moved back into their homes due to unknowingly using Chinese drywall while rebuilding their houses. A young couple in Louisiana says that when rebuilding their flooded home after Katrina, they discovered it was built with toxic Chinese drywall. Every countertop, piece […]