Show Cause Order

What is a Show Cause Order?

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You may have seen the phrase “show cause order” in the news lately… but what does it mean? We asked our criminal defense attorney what was going on with the case. He said: “The Judge in the Roger Stone case has ordered a “Show Cause” hearing on Thursday in response to a questionable photo Stone posted, […]

Distracted Driving Often Leads to Crashes

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More than 3,000 people died in distraction-related crashes in 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. “Distraction” is a broad term, used to mean any number of activities that might happen in a car, but one of the most significant distractions in our modern world is texting—the act of sending written messages using a […]

How Do I Know If I Am Choosing a Good Doctor?

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When you can trust your physician, you will feel more comfortable talking about your symptoms, making it easier for your doctor to accurately diagnose and treat you. According to a study by Consumer Reports, individuals who found their doctors through a friend or family member had the most positive experience. Some questions you may want […]

Study Shows Prescribing Codeine to Children Could Have Dangerous Side Effects

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A recent study revealed that despite recommended limits on codeine use in children, the potent painkiller is prescribed for children in at least half a million emergency room visits each year. With more than 25 million emergency room visits by children annually, the study shows that far too many children are getting the drug when […]

New FDA Proposed Rule May Provide Better Drug Safety in the US

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The American Association of Justice (AAJ) recently announced their support of the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) proposed rule to allow generic drug manufacturers to independently update their warning labels. Currently, generic drug manufacturers cannot independently update their warning labels, even when new side effects are known. This creates two systems: one for patients […]

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Mandates in ACA Gives More Money to Safer Hospitals

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Hospitals across the nation are getting creative when it comes to meeting tough new mandates in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to improve care and increase patient satisfaction, and they are getting paid more as a result. Under the ACA, the federal government gives money to hospitals that deliver better care, rather just paying them […]