vermont family law
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How Do You Calculate Colorado Child Support?

In every Colorado divorce or paternity case involving children, the Colorado family law court steps in to determine whether one parent owes the other child support to assist in the financial expenses associated with child-rearing. Between themselves,…
colorado marijuana laws
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What are the Colorado Marijuana Laws and DUI Penalties?

In 2012, Colorado successfully passed a popular initiative to amend the Constitution of the State of Colorado, outlining a statewide drug policy for cannabis. How do the Colorado marijuana laws effect DUIs, and what are the penalties for being…
new hampshire car accident
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Unlicensed Teen Driver Kills Motorcyclist

A 52-year-old motorcyclist was killed when an unlicensed teen driver lost control of her car and swerved into oncoming traffic. The young teen was allegedly intoxicated and driving at a high speed when she and four friends collided head on with…
new hampshire car accident

A Week of Sports for Disabled Veterans in Colorado

“I came into this experience with an open mind to better myself,” said Rasmussen, a disabled veteran. The experience he is talking about is the 28th National Disabled Veterans Sports Clinic outside of Aspen, Colorado. For a full week, disabled…
new hampshire car accident

Denver Apartment Complex Failed to Perform Required Asbestos Testing

According to 9News, Denver Environmental Health discovered that no asbestos testing had been completed for an apartment complex that had to be evacuated in February after asbestos was found during renovations. “Through the course of phone…
new hampshire car accident

Why Do Legislators Oppose Motorcycle Safety?

A concerned citizen of Suffolk County wrote to his local representative about the possibility of adding safety signs near low visibility areas to promote pedestrian and bicycle safety. The citizen felt that the signs could “save lives and…