Law Offices of Pius Joseph Announce $1,250,000 Car Accident Settlement

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The Law Offices of Pius Joseph is pleased to announce that it has obtained a settlement of $1,250,000 for the victim of a car accident in California. The case involved an 18-year-old high school senior who was on her way to San Bernardino, driving on the 210 Freeway in her Honda Civic. After experiencing troubles […]

What is Undue Influence?

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It sounds like fodder for a soap opera, but it happens far too often in real life: a sudden last-minute revision to an estate plan, made by someone possibly of unsound mind, that leaves a huge amount of money to a suspicious party. Undue influence is a form of elder abuse. The undue influencer will […]

San Francisco Pedestrian Accidents: Prevention and Recovery

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San Francisco may be one of the most dangerous cities in the country for pedestrians. Since 2019, 164 people have died while walking in San Francisco, according to Some estimates say that 800 pedestrians are hit each year in San Francisco. It’s important to remember that pedestrian accidents are preventable if everyone obeys the […]

Four Critically Injured in Fatal North Hills Hit and Run Crash

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Francisco Hernandez Rivas, 48, a father of two, was killed and four others were critically injured in a Father’s Day hit-and-run crash in North Hills, which officials said, involved suspected a drunk driver. According to a report, the fatal crash occurred when a sedan was speeding north on Haskell Avenue before running a red […]

Apple Recalls 2015 MacBook Pros for Fire Hazard

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Apple has issued a safety recall for its 2015 MacBook Pro laptops with Retina Display saying that the computers’ batteries may overheat and post a fire hazard. According to a report on The Verge, the company says there are a limited number of affected units sold between September 2015 and February 2017. Although they haven’t […]

New Survey Shows Truck Driver Drug Use is a Serious Concern

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A group known as the Trucking Alliance comprising representatives from trucking and logistics companies has released the results of a first-of-its-kind study showing compelling and disturbing evidence of thousands of truck drivers are habitual drug users who have managed to skirt a system designed to prohibit drug use in transportation. According to news reports, the […]

Interview: How Two Data Breaches Exposed Information for Over 912,000,000 Consumers

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Data breaches for Quest Diagnostics and First Americans compromised over 912,000,000 million consumers combined. In this interview, Brian Chase explains what you can do if you suspect that your data was breached. Topics covered in this interview: What happened with the First American and Quest Diagnostics data breaches? What sort of data was breached? How […]

Dog Bite Laws in California

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The one term you want to keep in mind when thinking about dog bite laws in California is this: strict liability. That means if you own a dog, and that dog has not ever been known to bite anybody, if by chance your dog gets into such an accident, by law you can’t simply say […]

Exploding E. Cigarette Shatters Nevada Teen’s Jaw

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Austin Adams, a 17-year-old boy in a small Nevada town was vaping when his e-cigarette exploded in his face blowing a hole through his jaw. According to news reports, Adams traveled 250 miles with a bloody mouth, broken teeth and shattered jaw to a pediatric hospital in Utah with his mother. Doctors rushed him into […]

What If I’m Injured in an Uber or Lyft Car Accident?

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Rideshear apps like Uber and Lyft continue to grow in popularity. According to, 14 million Uber rides happen every day. Since you’re riding in someone else’s vehicle while using a company’s service, what happens if a car accident happens while you’re on the road? Insurance Coverage for Uber or Lyft Passengers If you’re a […]

Legal Brief: Wrongful Death Verdict on Scientology Rehab Center

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A man who was seeking treatment for a prescription drug addiction committed suicide. He was seeking treatment from rehab centers that promoted Narconon, a program with ties to Scientology. His family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the centers and won an $11 million verdict. This video features attorney Brian Chase, managing partner and senior […]

The Best Bikes for Beginners

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Getting into biking, whether you are doing so for fun or for functionality, can be intimidating. With so many options available, how do you know where to start? While a clerk at the local bike shop can help narrow down the choices, do some quick overview of the basics beforehand so you know what they’re […]

California Law: What If I’m in a Rental Car Accident?

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You’d think that you would be covered; that’s not always the case unless you always read the fine print and purchase the extra that’s offered when renting a car. By ‘purchase’, we explicitly mean that if you’re ‘offered’ third-party liability insurance coverage, that doesn’t mean you’re actually covered. You have to accept that coverage and […]

Interview: What Should I Do After an Uber or Lyft Car Accident?

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Whether you’re a passenger or driver, there’s a certain way to handle an Uber or Lyft car accident. In this interview, Alex Tofer explains what you should do in the aftermath of a Lyft or Uber car accident. Alex Tofer is the managing attorney and the founding president of Tofer and Associates, PLC. To learn […]

Interview: Everything You Need to Do After a Car Accident

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The steps you take after a car accident can have a significant impact on the days to come. In this video, attorney Logan Quirk explains everything you need to do after a car accident. Topics include: What should people do after they’re involved in a car wreck? What is the insurance companies’ main priority? Should […]

What If You’re Injured in an Intentional Car Crash?

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What happens if someone intentionally crashes into you? And how you can you prove that the car crash was intentional? Brian Chase explains that a lawyer will need to investigate several factors to determine what really happened. Transcript: So you know as a personal injury attorney the things I’m looking at and looking for when […]

Interview: Johnson & Johnson Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

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What’s happening with the Johnson & Johnson ovarian cancer lawsuits? Many women have filed product liability suits against the pharmaceutical company. They claim that its baby powder product caused the development of ovarian cancer. Many of these lawsuits were filed on behalf of women who have since passed away. The product is still on shelves […]

Interview: How Insurance Companies Mistreat Policyholders

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The insurance company’s goal is not to satisfy their policyholders. Their goal is to save money whenever possible. Logan Quirk is a personal injury attorney based in Los Angeles, California. In this interview, he explains the methods that insurance companies take to sabotage claims, as well as what injured people should keep in mind when […]