Can I Discharge a Tax Debt through Bankruptcy?

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It honestly depends. Whatever the case, don’t believe what you hear about tax debt discharge on the radio, or even on TV, because the fact is this: tax debts often can’t get liquidated or eliminated in bankruptcy. If you’ve filed for a Chapter 7, you’ll most likely still owe them. If you’ve filed for Chapter […]

Tax Deductions for Alimony and Child Support

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What’s the difference between tax deductions for alimony and child support? One would think there isn’t one, given that both alimony and child support go to the same party. Tax deductions, however, are a different story. If confused, always consult an attorney on the matter, because if you’re in the situation where you’re paying alimony […]

Tax Season: Will the Shutdown Affect Your Filing?

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The good news is…. no. It will not. That’s a surprising answer given the fact that when a government shutdown occurs, it means all staff and employees working for the government—including the Internal Revenue Service—won’t be working at all. That’s typically the case. However…. The IRS Made a Recent Announcement Stating That Tax Season Will […]

Need an Attorney for Tax Law?

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In the United States, tax laws are difficult to comprehend without a professional at your side. A number of lawyers are also CPAs, and other types of attorneys focus on tax litigation. Different regulations dictate when the government can tax citizens for personal income, real estate, business profits, gifts, estates and a variety of other […]